Dropzone Commander: Incident at Vandia Minor

DZC Incident at Vandia Minor

The Vanadia system lies at the very border of the Scourge held Cradle Worlds and the scattered planets that make up the United Colonies of Mankind. It contains only two planets. Vanadia Major, a giant mass of rock with little atmosphere to speak of that is both rich in mineral wealth and wholly inhospitable to humans for any length of time. And Vanadia Minor, an tiny, arid desert world that barely deserves the label hospitable, but which supported the small mining colony that regularly shipped workers out to Vanadia Major to harvest it resources.

When the Scourge took Earth and the Cradle worlds from humanity, the Vanadia system was too far and too small for the Scourge to worry about, and the fledgling UCM thought Vanadia too close to the Scourge and abandoned it shortly thereafter. 160 years later, as the UCM prepares for the Reconquest, Vanadia Minor has now come under notice. Intent on using it as a jump-off for the retaking of the Cradle Worlds, a UCM force was dispatched to build a supply depot and way-station. What they found when they arrived, however, was a meeting on the surface of Vanadia Minor between the alien Shaltari and the despised altered humans of the Post Human Republic. Whatever the original intent of the clandestine rendezvous had been, relations seemed to have soured, because as soon as the UCM showed up, both the Shaltari and the PHR seemed to suspect treachery on the part of the other, and open conflict broke out amidst all three. As UCM made planetfall to secure the spaceport, the Scourge dropped out of Foldspace and began and immediate attack on all three. It would seem that the Scourge at some point had converted the abandoned colony of Vanadia Minor into an observation post, and upon seeing the arrival of the PHR and the Shaltari earlier, had dispatched a force to intercept.

And so, all 4 military powers have been thrust into a fierce battle for a planet that no one ever cared about.

When: Sunday, October 6th, 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Details: This event will be a multi-player game using the Land Grab mission from the DropZone Commander rulebook. The game will be sized to meet the number of people who show up to play. If enough people show up, we will have multiple adjacent games.

Do you have miniatures but haven’t played? No problem! This event is intended to allow people to learn the rules if they haven’t had the chance to play and to hopefully introduce as many of the players out there to each other as we can.

No miniatures but still interested? No Problem! I will have my Scourge collection as well as some additional UCM miniatures to share with anyone who wants to try out the game. Or you can proxy if you don’t have the miniatures yet. Flames of War or Dystopian Wars can be readily proxied.

If you have any questions you can send me a forum PM or email me at: sbsteve@blackknightgames.ca

Hope to see you there!

Steve ‘Havoc’ McArthur
Standard Bearer for Dropzone Commander

40K League: Karrik Times Newsletter Issue 5

Newsletter go 2

Awesome New Magic: the Gathering Show!

Those stone-cold gamers over at Geek & Sundry have done it again, with a great new show about Magic: the Gathering. Spellslingers just aired its first ever episode where Sean Plott (aka Day[9]) plays games of Magic with his friends. The show is fun, and informative so if you are a Magic player enjoy!

MiniWarGaming Warhammer League

warhammerleagueforbkgHey everybody,

I’m looking for players who would be interested in playing in a MiniWarGaming Warhammer Fantasy League. The purpose of this is to create more Warhammer Fantasy battle reports, which means the following:

  1. You must have at least 2000 points fully painted.
  2. You must be willing to be on camera.
  3. Games will be played either at MiniWarGaming or at BlackKnightGames.
  4. You must be willing to play at least 5 games over a 10 week period.

If you are interested either post here or email me at matthew@miniwargaming.com.


Matthew from MiniWarGaming

September 2013 Calendar

Call to Arms: Warmachine and Hordes

WMH C2A 2013

sm BK Steampunk v2When: Officially starts September 23rd, but if you stop by you can register early now!

Deadline: Sunday, November 24th at 12pm where there will be a finale day of gaming.

Entry Fee: $150.00

You Get: $170.00 worth of miniatures for the army.  You can put this credit towards anything that helps you get the army finished, including paint, tools, flock, etc.  Just by signing up you get a deal!

Victory Conditions:  It is the goal of all participants to complete a 50 point Warmachine or hordes army from scratch, and get comfortable playing it for league or tournaments.  If you finish painting your army by the deadline and attend a minimum of two Call to Arms Events you’ll get a percentage of the Victory Pool.  There will be at least one Call to Arms event each week.

Victory Pool Black Knight Games will put $20 per participant in to a Victory Pool.  This pool will be split evenly among the participants that complete the victory conditions by the deadline.

Armies:  Armies must be a legal 50 point Warmachine army.  The miniatures used for the army may be new (either from your entry fee start-up, or bought separately) or they may be miniatures you already have.  If you wish to use miniatures you already owned before the Call to Arms began you must show the BKG staff that they are not yet painted (either in person or send us a picture).

Call to Arms Events Each week either Matt or I will run Call to Arms events (often on Sunday, but not always).  The primary focus of these events will be completing armies together and getting more familiar with the game, but we’ll also be doing some instructional seminars focused on improving play, one aimed at newer games and another focused on more seasoned players.  Each participant must attend at least two Call to Arms events before the deadline to satisfy the victory conditions, not including the finale.  Call to Arms events give you a great opportunity to meet, play, and paint with other gamers at BKG.  Together we will motivate each other to get these armies done!

Linear Obstacle

Yellow.  That will be easy

Event 1: Fresh Brushes

When: Sunday, September 29th, 12:00 – 5:00pm

 Join Tim in a painting and assembling get-together.  No gaming, just us working on our armies.  Bring minis to assemble and/or paint.  Talk lists, tactics, give each other pointers, and taunt each other’s abilities to finish by the deadline.  Painting and assembling is always more fun in a group!Open to: All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Event 2: Intermediate Tactica

When Friday, October 11th, 5:00 – 9:00pm

Open to:  All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Press Gangers Matt and Tim will lead a discussion about tactics in Warmachine, with a focus on players who want to take their game to the local tournament level.  Topics of discussion will include deployment strategy, piece trading, making lists, and playing with timers.  Time allowing, we’ll set up some small games and give some help and feedback.

Event 3: Painting with Kaz

When: Sunday, Oct 13th 12:00 – 5:00pm

Open to:  All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Come hang out with Standard Bearer Kaz as he give painting pointers and shares some of his secrets.  Unsure about your colour palette?  Here’s someone to ask about it, and get feedback from the group.  Take advantage of a great community and share your own painting tips and tricks.

wm-high-command_3dEvent 4: High Command Release Event

When: Sunday, Oct 20th 4:00 – 8:00pm

Open to:  All, not just participants of Call to Arms

Details:  Join Press Gangers Tim and Matt for an evening of High Command, the new Warmachine and Hordes deck-building game.  Release event promo cards will be given out to participants, for both the Hordes and Warmachine versions of the game.  This event is open to anyone excited about the Warmachine Universe, the new deck-building game, or even just folks who want to give it a try (Matt and I will have extra decks on hand).  Call to Arms members will get event credit for showing up.

Event 5: Single-Model Painting Contest

When:  Sunday, Oct 27th 12:00 – 5:00pm

Open to:  Only members of the Call to Arms

Details:  Bring out an unpainted model from your CTA and paint it.  Of those who finish, the best one will be voted on.  The winner gets a cool prize.  Meanwhile, hang out, see how far we’re all getting on our respective projects, and exchange tips and tricks.

Events 6 – 9:  To Be Announced


MTG: Young Planeswalker Tournament



Black Knight Games will be hosting a tournament this Sunday specifically for the younger players in our MTG community.  The Young Planeswalkers tournament will be a great opportunity for the younger players to get a taste of the tournament scene here.  The format is casual so you can bring any legal deck you want!  Here are the details:

When: Sunday, September 15th, 12:00pm-4:30pm

Format: Casual

Entry Fee: $5.00/ $4.00 for Stronghold Members, the entire entry fee will be put towards prizes and giveaways!

Age Restricted: 15yrs old and under ONLY


MTG: Theros Pre-Release

EN_THS_InsideHeader_PRECardFrontThe Best MTG Promotion We’ve Ever Had

The newest block of Magic is just around the corner, and Black Knight Games is pulling out all of the stops this time with our best MTG promotion ever!  By participating in Theros block pre-releases (for Theros, Born of the Gods, Journey into Nyx) you will earn a number of special BKG Event Loot cards called Hero’s Reward.  These loot cards can be spent on a variety of great prizes called Event Rewards, which represent a variety of flavorful options.

How Do I Earn Hero’s Reward Loot Cards?

You can earn Black Knight Games promotional Hero’s Reward cards in the following ways:

  1. Attend any pre-release at Black Knight Games for Theros, Born of the Gods, and Journey into Nyx (the entire upcoming Theros block), and you will be given one!
  2. Pre-register at least two days ahead of the pre-release and you will be rewarded one additional Hero’s Reward (maximum one per pre-release weekend)!
  3. Complete The Iron Man and participate in every Pre-Release event of the weekend to earn an additional bonus Hero’s Reward!
  4. Attend an FNM or Modern event at BKG the month leading up to the pre-release weekend and you will have the chance to win one!
  5. Additional Hero’s Rewards will be given to the top players from each Pre-Release event, and several random winners will earn an additional one as well!

What Can I Get with Hero’s Reward Loot Cards?

Hero’s Reward loot cards allow you to choose your prize by selecting one of the Event Rewards to cast.  There are six different Event Rewards that you can choose from, each requiring you to trade in a specific number of Hero’s Rewards to Cast!

Favour of Thassa

Cast the Favour of Thassa (Cost 1)

Selecting this Event Reward gets you one ballot in a draw for a FREE Booster Box of Theros.  There will be one draw for each Pre-Release Weekend (three in total) so make sure to submit this reward before the end of the final pre-release event in order to get your ballot.

To the untrained eye the waves crash upon the shore randomly, but those that spend their days on the rolling sea know that it is all part of Thassa’s design.

(Click Image to See Full Picture)

Favour of PorphorosCast the Favour of Porphoros (Cost 1)

Selecting this Event Reward allows you to select one random card from the Pull-Box to keep!  The Pull-Box will be loaded with cool promos, rares, and other fun cards including some pretty valuable ones!

Luck is not random, luck is forged.  Deep in the fires of Porphoros will we find our luck, will we find our way.  Give Porphoros your devotion and your luck shall never run dry!

(Click Image to see Full Picture)

Favour of Nylea

Cast the Favour of Nylea (Cost 1)

Selecting this Event Reward will get you $5.00 Off the price of any Booster Box.  You may use multiple of this Event Reward multiple times to a maximum of $30.00 Off (6 rewards) per Booster Box.  This Event Reward may be used towards pre-orders.  This Event Reward expires with the release of Core 2015.

Pay homage to Nylea, Goddess of the Hunt, for her arrow always strikes true!  Rewarded with growth and wealth are those that walk the forest path.  Accumulate, grow, and flourish – that is the way of nature, the way of Nylea.

(Click Image to see Full Picture)

Favour of Erebos

Cast the Favour of Erebos (Cost 2)

Selecting this Event Reward gets you one FREE Booster Pack from the most recent set in the Theros Block, or Core 2014!  No muss, not fuss – just one booster absolutely free!

Fear the whip of Erebos, for he is the lord of pain.
Fear the eye of Erebos, for he is the lord of punishment.
Fear the heart of Erebos, for he is the lord of darkness.
But take the hand of Erebos and your every wish can come true.

(Click Image to see Full Picture)

Favour of Heliod

Cast the Favour of Heliod (Cost 5)

Selecting this Event Reward will get you FREE Entry to any one Friday Night Magic event, Wednesday night Modern event, Pre-Release or Game Day event at Black Knight Games for Theros, Born of the Gods, or Journey into Nyx.  Expires August 2014.

Give generously to the Sun God, for Heliod is generous with you.  He provides warmth from the cold, lights your way through darkness, and makes your crops grow.  Walk in the light of Heliod and rejoice, for there is always another day.

(Click Image to see Full Picture)

Favour of the Gods

Cast the Favour of the Gods (Cost 10)

Selecting this Event Reward will get you one Free Fat Pack from Theros, Born of the Gods, or Journey into Nyx.  Please note that Fat Packs do have a limited availability, and are typically only available when a set is first released.  You may use this Event Reward to pre-order a Fat Pack.

Each God has his place, but together they are unstoppable.  To garner the favour of the entire pantheon of Gods is no easy feat, which is why none have ever accomplished it.  My child, should you fail it will mean not only your life – but your everlasting soul.  However…should you succeed…

(Click Image to see Full Picture)


sm BK Playing CardsTheros Pre-Release Events at Black Knight Games

Pre-Release #1
When: Saturday, September 21st, 9:00am – 1:30pm
Format: Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)

Pre-Release #2
When: Saturday, September 21st, 2:00pm – 6:30pm
Format: Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)

Pre-Release #3
When: Saturday, September 21st, 7:00pm – 11:30pm
Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30.00/Team-Mate ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)

Pre-Release #4
When: Sunday, September 22nd, 10:00am – 2:30pm
Format: Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)

Pre-Release #5
When: Sunday, September 22nd, 3:00pm – 7:30pm
Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck
Entry Fee: $30.00/Team-Mate ($25.00 for Stronghold Members)



WMH Machinations: Equilibrium

Warmachine players, it’s time for another league at Black Knight Games!  This time, all secrets will be revealed.

The time has come to restore balance to western Immoren and put an end to the ceaseless anomalies plaguing the land.  The machinations of the Convergence of Cyriss and those of their hated enemy the cephalyx must be stopped.

Gather your army and face your foes at the secret battlegrounds of these two enigmatic forces.  The final fight is now.  Purge the land of this madness!

This season’s Vault, Star Chart, and Fiction will be available soon.  For now, here are the rules and here are the specialty season models.  Plus, here are all the details about the league:

When: Thursdays evenings beginning September 12th, 5:30pm – 9:00pm.  The league will end on Thursday, October 10th.  While thursdays are set aside for Warmachine gaming, you may play and report a league match on any night.

Entry Fee: FREE!  To receive a badge, you must play on a minimum of two nights.

Bring: Your Warmachine army, of at least 15 points, but up to 150 points!

Matt and Tim will be tracking this league as well, using a similar Google Document process as before.  Score sheets will be available at the store.  Pick one up, play your game, fill it out, and leave it for us to track your games.

Also, a reminder.  This weekend is our Warmachine Doubles Team Tournament.  If you’re attending, awesome!  Please aim to show up for 10:30 to give time for registration.  If you don’t know anything about it, please check it out here.  We’d love to have you come out!

Dungeons & Dragons Encounters: Murder in Baldur’s Gate

D&D Encounters Baldurs Gate

Baldur’s Gate is a city on the verge of war—a simmering stewpot of social tensions where even the smallest spark of unrest threatens to turn the city against itself. Walls cut Baldur’s Gate into three cities: The rich live atop the bluffs protected from the bourgeoisie clinging to the slopes by barriers that literally prevent the middle class from rising above their stations, and beyond the protection of the city’s walls its many outcasts live with no law but the daggers of thieves.

In this powder keg, an old threat flickers to new life. The plot of a murdered power is finally coming to fruition. Bhaal, god of assassins, will live again. And in the city that once thwarted his rebirth, three different people will unwittingly compete to herald his return.

When: Wednesday Nights 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Beginning: Wednesday, September 4th

Entry Fee: FREE!

What is it?:  D&D Encounters are very fun open adventuring nights.  Anyone is welcome, whether they are new or experienced role players.  You are not required to come each week, although it is more fun!

Can the heroes keep the city from tearing itself apart? Can they prevent Bhaal from claiming the mind and soul of one of the city’s worst citizens? Or, as they battle their way to the top of the heap, will Bhaal’s favor fall upon one of the heroes?

Only one thing is certain: There will be blood.