WMH: Blind Doubles, May 4th

Playing like you’ve got a pair is fun, but playing in a pair is even more fun.  Ever wanted to play in a doubles event, but your best friend who you play with is terrible?  Ever wanted a cool day of gaming, but you just win too often for that?  Never fear, Blind Doubles is here at Black Knight Games!

Blind Doubles May 4 2013

There’s no requirement to bring a Blind Caster or Gorman Di Wulfe (although bonus points if you do!).  The blind aspect of this team event is the pairing.  By all means bring a friend, but you won’t know who your partner is until after registration.  That’s right, you could end up playing with the best player you’ve ever met—or the worst!

No matter what happens, these kind of events are a ton of fun and worth making the trip out.  Bring a few friends.  Here are the details:

When: Sat, May 4th, 11:00am – 7:00pm.  We usually finish a little early, but we will be going four rounds and using Deathclock timing.

Game Size: Games will be played with 35 point armies each using only one list.  After registration, each player will be given a RANDOM partner.  This will be your partner for the day.  (Do your best to get along.)

Entry Fee: $20.00 ($16 for Stronghold Members) per person, which includes two pop and pizza lunch.  (If you’re not currently a stronghold member, consider checking out our campaign)

Prizes: We will have coins available for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams along with a share of the prize pool based on attendance.  We will also be giving out Privateer Press dice for the single best painted army (one team member) and a set of dice for each member of the team voted best sportsmen.

Fundraiser Update: New Perk Level Added

sm BK Painting MiniWe have had a very generous donation to our campaign by Kaz our resident painting expert! Kaz is a very friendly and helpful member of the Black Knight Games community, and as anyone that has seen his work can attest: he is a great painter. Kaz has generously offered his services to two lucky perk-claimers, so we have added a new perk to the list!

A Work of Art
This new package includes everything from THE KNIGHT – which means you get the $25 Membership (or $25 towards any membership you want). You get the limited edition Stronghold Game Lounge T-Shirt, and the 12 pack of BKG D6s. You get your name on the Founder’s Wall, and a neat icon on our forum telling everyone that you are a founder. You get 2 tickets to our exclusive Founder’s Party that we will have the evening before we open the new location.

But the best part is the part Kaz has donated. You can pick any miniature that you want to have painted as long as it isn’t too large (roughly the size of infantry or a light warjack is about right). BKG will supply the miniature for you – to a maximum of $30 (If the miniature is more than that, or you wish yo supply your own mini let us know and we’ll work something out). Then Kaz will take his talents and do a very high-end paint job to your specifications! Not everyone is an amazing artist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own some amazing art! Kaz has done plenty of commissions in the past and he knows what he’s doing – you won’t be disappointed.

Because he does this in his spare time, and because he really takes his time to do it right, the first one claimed will have a finished target date of July 31st, and the second will be August 31st.

If you’ve already made a claim on a different perk, but you prefer this one now just let us know and we can make the switch for you!

Don’t miss this opportunity to own an amazingly painted mini! And a big thanks goes to Kaz for offering his services to help out our project!

New Table-Top Episode: The Resistance

The guys and gals at Geek & Sundry have posted a great new episode of Table-Top! In this episode they take on one of our newest favorites at BKG: The Resistance. The Resistance is a great and simple game that is all about figuring out who the spy is. It is for 5-10 players, and is one of the more affordable games we carry – coming in at $19.99. It’s a great episode, check it out!

~The Black Knight

Fundraiser Update: Another Goal Hit!

indiegogoTotal Funds Raised: $5065.00

That means that we have shattered the $5000 Stretch Goal! Your help has earned us all an X-Box game console (complete with 4 controllers and a stack of games, and probably we’ll get headphones too) to play in the lounge area! We will also be adding a Foosball Table to the space. Both will be free to play and should add some fun ways to kill time while you wait for an opponent!

The next goal will be huge. At $7500 we will get started on the renovations that will give us an extra gaming space that will be known as ‘The Keep’. The Keep will be a smaller, private gaming area. It will have enough room for two tables and will add a ton of versatility to the store. It will be great for running private gaming events, like birthday parties. It will be great forRPG sessions. It will add an extra 2 tables for major events. It will be great for smaller events allowing us to run a small event at the same time as a major one. Basically it’s going to be sweet, and at $7500 you will have helped us get there!

So then we come to it. The big reveal. The Stretch Goal that so many have wanted. At $10,000 we will pursue a liquor license. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be successful, however we will make the application, get the proper inspections, and go through the application process. If we are granted the license we will be able to run Age Restricted, ‘After Hours Veterans Nights’.

Goal 4 Reached


BugmanIf we are lucky enough to surpass our $7500 goal (which will give us a private game room) and we actually reach our $10,000 Stretch Goal we will begin the application process for a liquor license.

If one is granted we will begin running ‘After Hours Veteran’s Nights,’ starting with two of these each week – one on Friday, and one on Saturday. Both will begin at 9pm when the store’s regular hours are done. Once the After Hours Veteran’s Night begins only of-age (19+) members (or guests of members, or those with day-passes) will be permitted to remain. We will serve bottled alcoholic beverages along with our usual menu (which already included snacks, pop, and water – but now will include hot drinks and warm meals thanks to unlocked Stretch Goals). The alcoholic beverages will include beer as well as some cooler-type drinks, and we will do our best to keep the prices reasonable. There will be staff on hand, all of whom will be Smart Serve certified.

On Friday night (after the FNM) we will run a ‘Drinking and Drafting’ event for Magic: the Gathering, but you are welcome to play other games as well. On Saturday we will target wargames mostly – but once again you’re welcome to play other games.

Our goal is to find a nice balance between keeping our family-friendly game store mentality, while still allowing mature and responsible gamers the opportunity to have a drink with the guys while playing some fun games. We want to do our best to give you that comfortable, at-home feel in a safe and professional way. We believe that our plan will allow both. When not running these After Hours Veteran’s Nights there will be no alcohol served, nor will it be obvious that we do so at other times. We are keeping the concerns of parents in mind throughout the planning of this.

Feel free to ask staff more about our plans for our After Hours Veteran’s Nights, and we will do our best to alleviate any concerns and listen to any suggestions!

And if you want to check out the campaign or even contribute you can find it HERE.

Thank you all so much for all your help so far!

~The Black Knight

Fundraiser Update: Stretch Goal Hit!

indiegogoTotal Funds Raised: $4505.00

We have unlocked the $4000 Stretch Goal! Now we will begin to offer some quick and easy microwavable meals, and maybe even some other food options as well. You’ve also earned us all a stack of cafeteria trays which can be used for meals as well as for carting around your armies on tournament days. Also, you earned an upgrade to the Perks! All sets of 2D6 have now become sets of 12D6 (except the Wizard and Master Wizard who gain a Playmat instead of the upgrade. The king gets both a Playmat AND 2 sets of 12 D6!).

Next up is the $5000 Stretch Goal, which will get us an X-Box, and a Foodball Table to add to the gaming space! These fun additions will give you something to do while waiting for your friend to show up, or in between games! We’re only $495 away from it, so we could get it quite quickly!

I am now revealing the next perk after the $5000 one, and it is a major one: If we hit $7500 we will renovate part of the store and add a private game room which we will call ‘The Keep’. The Keep will not cut in to the existing gaming space, so it will give us 2 extra tables of gaming, and also give us a nice private area that can be used for RPGs, private events or birthday parties, or just a quite corner to play your matches in. I would love to hit this goal especially as it will really give us a bunch of added options. Without your support it isn’t possible however since it requires quite a bit or renovation, but I sure think it will be worth it!

I can’t thank you enough for all the support. We’re almost at the half-way point, so let’s keep it going and make this gaming space something to truly be proud of!

Goal 3 Reached

You can help us make the new Stronghold Game Lounge the best game room in town, check out our fundraiser at indiegogo.com or contribute in the store!

Dragon’s Maze Pre-releases April 27th-28th

What’s the most fun Magic the Gathering event at Black Knight Games?  Why, the pre-release of a new set, of course!  And Dragon’s Maze looks like a good one:

So here’s the down-and-dirty details on this release at BKG:

When:  Saturday, April 27th

  • 9:00am – 1:30pm
  • 2:00pm – 6:30pm
  • 7:00pm – 11:30pm

And Sunday, April 28th

  • 10:00am – 2:30pm
  • 3:00pm – 7:30pm (2-Headed Giant Sealed)

Entry Fee:  $30 per event (per person, in the case of the 2-Headed Giant event).  Stronghold Members enjoy a discount, and pay only $25 dollars.  (If your membership is expired for any reason, our Indigogo campaign is a great way to renew.)  We’re already taking pre-payment, and this is a popular event, so get in here and sign up as soon as possible.

Bring:  Yourself, and a plan for which of the ten guilds of Ravnica you’d like to play as.  If you’re coming to the second pre-release on Sunday, bring a partner too!

What You Get:  A Dragon’s Maze guild pack for the guild of your choice.  It will contain:

Guild Packs, packed full of guildiness

  • One Return to Ravnica Guild Booster Pack (the clear booster packs just like the Return to Ravnica pre-release, but without the promo card in them)
  • Four Dragon’s Maze Booster Packs (your first opportunity to obtain new cards from the set)
  • One Gatecrash Guild Booster Pack (the clear booster packs just like the Gatecrash pre-release, but without the promo card in them)

If you picked a guild from Return to Ravnica, such as Azorius or Golgari, you’ll have a Gatecrash guild pack from an allied guild, such as Orzhov or Gruul.  Similarly, if you picked a Gatecrash guild like Dimir, you’ll get an allied guild from Return to Ravnica like Izzet.  You don’t get to pick your guild pairing, so an element of this event is the surprising and exciting combos you could get.

Prizes:  Every pre-release BKG has always gone above and beyond in handing out prizes, both plentiful and deep in the final standings.  As always, we’ll be giving away some random boosters to participants, so make sure to stay to the end of your event.  What’s more, this is the first opportunity to earn new packs from the new set that does not release until May.  

Fundraiser Update!

Hey guys,

Stronghold Game Lounge IconI filmed a fundraiser video updating everyone on how the indigogo.com fundraising campaign we are doing to make our new game lounge is going!  In it I discuss the campaign in general, let you know more about the Stretch Goals that we have already hit, and the ones that we are aiming at next.  And, of course, I thank you all for helping make this all possible!

If you haven’t already checked out our campaign check it out HERE!

Remember that you can help by donating on the indiegogo campaign itself, or in person in the shop.  Donors get to claim all kinds of great perks too!  But, you can certainly help us out even if you aren’t able to donate – by liking the video on Facebook or Twitter, but telling your friends, and by just giving us feedback.

Thank you all for your help in our goal of making Black Knight Games even better, check out the update!

~The Black Knight

Flames of War: The Gathering Storm

FoW Gathering Storm

We will be running a Flames of War league beginning in May.  The format allows players to play according to their own schedule!  How will you survive the Gathering Storm?

Entry Fee: FREE!

Period: Forces for this escalation league will be Late-War forces selected from Turning Tide, Earth and Steel, Red Bear or Grey Wolf. Lists from other briefing books are not permitted.

League Play: During the course of each month, each player shall play 3 games, each of which shall be against a different opponent. The first league game between two opponents shall be counted as their regular game. Points for regular games shall be as laid out in the Flames of War mini rulebook, page 275. If you have questions about calculating points contact the administrator for help.

Up to 3 additional games may be played each month against any league opponent. The second or subsequent game against any opponent is considered as an additional game, as are games played after 3 regular games have been played. Winners receive 2 points for an additional game, while losers and draws/ties receive 1 point. A game can count as a regular game for one player and an additional game for the other player.

Further League Details can be found in the Forum, and in this document, check it out and enlist today!

Stronghold Lounge Fundraiser Update – Stretch Goal #1 Hit!

Stronghold Game Loung 2In case you weren’t aware we are running a big fundraiser on indiegogo.com to help us raise some money to make our new Stronghold Game Lounge amazing.  You can check it out HERE and find out how you can help out!

Our generous donors had already helped us hit our initial goal – which would make the new Stronghold Game Lounge equal the quality of our existing space (only much bigger).  So we turned to the real fun stuff – Stretch Goals that would allow us to add some amazing new improvements.  With each Stretch Goal that we meet we will add more cool stuff to the space – ultimately with the goal of unlocking some really cool stuff like a Private Gaming Area, a series of televisions, cool decorations, and even a licensed bar to allow us to run age restricted veterans nights!  So where are we at now?

Today we unlocked our first Stretch Goal!  Thanks to our generous contributors you will now get to relax in a comfortable lounge area between games.  Included in this goal was ‘Hot Drinks’ which Black Knight Games will begin to serve in the shop every day!  We will be setting up a Keurig hot drink maker and will sell a variety of the drinks for it including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and even some fancy stuff like lattes!

2000 Take a Load Off U

The next Stretch Goal will be unlocked if/when we get to $3000 in total pledges (remember that we are including pledges people make in person in the store, so they will not show up on the actual indiegogo campaign).  The $3000 pledge is called Extra Points for Presentation and it will really make the space look amazing.  It will give us a second Premium Table (which will also give us a second ‘The Builder’ perk),  a really neat life-sized Medieval Town decor, and a network of Televisions throughout the space!

3000 Presentation L

Looking beyond that we now reveal the following perk, and it’s pretty sweet.  The Lunch Time! Stretch Goal will unlock food items to our menu, like frozen pizzas and pasta.  It will include a good microwave to allow customers to make themselves hot meals.  It will also include cafeteria treys which will be available to all members- and they can be used for food or for carting your army around on tournaments!  But, beyond that we will make your own perks even better too!  All sets of 2 Black Knight Games dice will become sets of 12 in a nice case!  The Wizard and Master Wizard do not get this upgrade, instead they get a limited edition Playmat!  And the King?  Well the King gets 2 sets of dice AND a playmat.  This goal will be unlocked at $4000 –  so if we are all lucky enough to reach it we all get rewarded!

4000 Lunch Time L

Thanks again to all of you that have had a look at the campaign and even considered contributing!  But remember, there are other ways to help us out too – even if you can’t contribute now.  You can like our campaign on Facebook, and Twitter, and other social media.  Tell your friends about us too.  Finally please let us know what YOU think.  We would love your advise and opinions, so let us know what would make YOU get excited about the new game room.

Together we can make the New Black Knight Games the best game room in town!


~The Black Knight


Calendar: April

April 13 Calendar sm

Hey everyone!  Quick apology for being so late with the Calendar this month.  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with the renovations, the indiegogo fundraiser campaign for the new gaming room, and everything else.  Add to that the new baby girl I just acquired on Monday and I’ve just been swamped!!!  April is looking great.  The Infinity Call to Arms will come to an end.  We will begin a Warhammer Call to Arms after that.  And, of course, we have the FIVE pre-release events we will be running for the new Magic: the Gathering set – Dragon’s Maze.  Enjoy the spring weather, and check out our fundraiser to make the new Stronghold Game Lounge freaking awesome-er!!!

~The Black Knight