D&D Encounters is Back!

We ran Dungeons & Dragons Encounters over a year ago at Black Knight Games, and while it was a popular weekly event, we couldn’t find DMs to keep it going.  Now that has changed, because we have Tom S as our new Dungeons & Dragons Standard Bearer!

To start things off Tom will be running D&D Encounters, and as things progress he hopes to move in to Lair Assault and other possible events.  Dungeons & Dragons Encounters is a great event, because it allows new players and old to jump into an evening of gaming with no commitments.  Normally to do RPGs properly you need to have a stable group of players playing each week.  With Encounters you can jump in at any time.  Don’t know the game?  No problem!  Tom is an experienced DM and is happy to teach you.

Encounters is a great event type to allow beginners to learn, and it gives experienced players the opportunity to find other players, or just another excuse to game!

When: Wednesday Evenings, beginning October 24th, and ending November 28th.  This season is ‘War of Everlasting Darkness’, once this season is over we will begin another as long as there continues to be interest!

Entry Fee: Free!

Bring: You don’t NEED to bring anything, however it is advised that you bring some Roleplaying Dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20).  If you have a beginning level character made you can bring that as well, however Tom can provide you a start-up character, or help you make your own!

As a Standard Bearer Tom is committed to helping grow the D&D community, and to get some solid groups going.  If you have any questions about the game, or would like to meet up with Tom to learn you can contact him through his Standard Bearer  age!

Warmachine VS. Cystic Fibrosis 2012

Khador HATES Cystic Fibrosis…and you don’t want to argue with Khador!  You know what you have to do…

We will be running our 2nd Annual Warmachine VS. Cystic Fibrosis charity tournament at the beginning of October!  Last year we raised just over $620.00 for Cystic Fibrosis Canada and this year we aim to top it!

Prizes are being donated by some generous sponsors, and every penny of the entry-fee will go straight to this great charity.  You will also have the opportunity to donate further, and get rewarded in-game for doing so!


When: Saturday, October 6th, 11:00am – 6:00pm (please be prepared to stay until 7pm in case we go over time).

Entry Fee: $20.00.  Entire entry fee goes to charity, no discounts for Stronghold Members (obviously!)

Game Size: 35pts – You may bring 2 lists

Format: Steamroller 2012 Rules, Deathclock

All of the prizes have been donated!  Top three places get a Tournament Coin (Donated By: PRIVATEER PRESS)

1st Place: Your Choice of any one of the following: Warmachine OR Hordes Starter Set, Any Battle-Engine, Colossal or Gargantuan! (Donated By: BLACK KNIGHT GAMES), & 1st Place Coin.

2nd Place: Any Warjack or Warbeast, Excluding Gargantuans & Colossals (Donated By: TBD), & 2nd Place Coin.

3rd Place: $20.00 towards any item from Warmachine & Hordes (Donated By: TBD), & 3rd Place Coin.

Best Painted: TBD

Best Sportsmanship: TBD

Bring Your Loonies!
Throughout each round players will have the opportunity to donate $1.00 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada to buy a re-roll.  The re-roll is for an entire roll, so if a player rolls three dice for damage they would re-roll ALL three dice (players cannot choose to just re-roll 1).  Players may re-roll a re-roll, however in order to do so they must double the price each time (so re-roll the dice once for $1.00, twice for $2.00, three times for $4.00 etc.).  Likewise players may choose to donate in the same way in order to force an opponent to re-roll.

More Time Please!
We will be using the Deathclock rules in our games.  If you run out of time you may donate $5.00 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada to get another 5 minutes on your clock.  Each player may only do this once per match.

We also have a few more sponsors that we are waiting to hear from, so there might be even more swag, prizes or giveaways!  Check back for details.

So help Khador put Cystic Fibrosis in a head-lock, and participate in the great event!

Current Sponsors & Affiliates

Calendar: October 2012

As always we have lots of great event coming up next month.  Leagues will begin for Magic: the Gathering (Return to Ravnica League) and for Dystopian Wars (Arctic Siege).  We have the second annual Warmachine vs. Cystic Fibrosis tournament, where we will try and top last year’s donation total of $620.00!  We will also begin to run Dungeons & Dragons Encounters once more, thanks to our new D&D Standard Bearer Tom!  So come in and be sure to check out everything that we have going on next month!

~The Black Knight

Back up at 100%!

After experiencing some downtime and technical difficulties that can only have been caused by over-ambitious gremlins in our interwebz chamber, our website is finally back up and running properly!  If you go to the forum, and it still looks like a jigsaw puzzle please clear your cache and it should look all nice and shiney again.

We are sorry for the disruption, and are very pleased to have it rectified!  Thank you for your understanding, and please stop mailing us severed pewter horse head bits in the mail, we got your message loud and clear and will never let you down again (not a guarantee).


~The Black Knight


We are almost finished with some important maintenance and site repair-work.  Our Site and Forum should be back to functioning properly soon.  We are sorry for the inconvenience!

~The Black Knight

Dystopian Wars League: Arctic Siege

Tom, our Standard Bearer for Dystopian Wars is planning another campaign, and you can join!  Arctic Siege will begin in October, and run each Tuesday throughout the month.

A Dystopian Wars Campaign of conquest and grand exploration!

International waters boil as the Russian Coalition sends expeditionary fleets into the Arctic to claim a natural treasure greater than any Nation could have ever imagined. With powerful fusion generators of impractical size they tear away at the ice shield in vast swathes leaving canyons of ice miles in height.

What they seek no one is certain, but old Commodores tell cautionary tales of what could be so dangerous that the sea would freeze its secrets away for none to see, until now. Rumours sparked abound of what potential dangers could be faced if the Russians were to seize this untold (and unknown) power for themselves, and of course none wishing to be left behind or seen as poor sport in the wake of great discovery, soon fleets of all nations were sent into the frigid international waters to stake claim to whatever mysteries the pole had to offer.

Lay your claim to the Arctic waters in search of the great unknown in this Dystopian Wars Campaign spanning 5 exciting weeks of gaming and Arctic Conquest.

When: Tuesdays, beginning October 2nd.  Finale is Tue, October 30th.

Entry Fee: Nope!

Bring: Your Dystopian Wars force

Come and fight for your Nation’s stake in conquest and glory amidst the ARCTIC SEIGE!

Table Top Episode: Dixit

Dixit is a great family or party game that promotes creativity.  We stock Dixit already at BKG, so check it out!

Hammer Bowl: The BKG Blood Bowl League

Well sports fans, the unimaginable has just happened, blood bowl is back, and badder than ever. From broken legs, to gouged eyes, handoffs, and hail marys, Blood Bowl is blitzing into Black Knight Games. The living Rulebook has been updated and can be found online, introducing new teams, new penalties, and a faster paced game. Blood Bowl is that game of football that everyone wanted to play, from scoring touchdowns to putting on a pair of brass knuckles and lining up the perfect hit.Black Knight Games would like to introduce, Hammer Bowl. A tournament to take place starting late September, with teams from across the warhammer world. Each week will see members of the league pitted off against one another to progress their team, and became the true champions of Hammer Bowl.How does it all work you ask? You need to have a Blood bowl team that is ready to go, and an understanding of the current rules, called the blood bowl competition rules… not to sure about what you’re doing though? Email Marc, and he’ll be more than happy to set up a time to teach you a thing or too about a good bashing and some scoring.

When:  TBD, sign up now and once we have a good number of players we will announce the beginning of the season!

Entry Fee:  None!

League Divisions & Games:  Depending on how many players are in the league their could be 1 or 2 or if really need be 3 divisions, with each division having 8 players in it. As the season numbers get underway, I’ll publish a list, and a “playoff schedule” seeing who will be crowned victorious. (1vs8, 2vs7 etc) You will play against different players each week (predetermined), on times that work for both of you. Each game both players will report back to me and I’ll make sure to keep note of scores, money made, and any advancements made by players… or injuries (boo, hiss), and report them each Sunday in the forums with WEEKLY updates.

How to Join: All you need to do is sign up, I’d like to stick to 16 teams or less, but the more the merrier. You can email me, or PM me on the forums and I’ll put you on the roster.

What You Need: You need to have your own blood bowl team worth 1,000,000 gold to start the season, and you need to have a good idea of the rules (free online).  You will need to have your roster into me before the start date, and if you could email me a picture of your team as well, that’d be amazing. I’ll make team profiles, and you can add updates to them as we go. If you’ve got these things you are more than welcome to join!

Missed Games: What if I can’t make a game for the week? Unfortunately, just like in real life, if you can’t make a game you forfiet the game. But all is not lost! The game will be a forfeit with a score of 3 – 1. Meaning you will get to decide who scored your touch downs for each team (only a possible 2 touchdowns per player) and you’ll get to roll for money (both teams, will be rolled for by the league administrator, and a penalty of 25% will happen for the forfieting team). This means both teams have a chance to advance their players and teams, but neither are held behind the rest of the league.

Blood Bowl Standard Bearer

Magic: Return to Ravnica Events

Wizards of the Coast has announced the first set in the next block: Return to Ravnica.  As always we will be hosting a series of pre-release events and a month later a Game Day event.  We will also host a Return to Ravnica league.  Here are the details:

Pre-Release Events:

Our pre-release events are always our most popular Magic events.  What’s not to like?  You get 6 packs, for the price of 6 packs, of a brand new set that isn’t even released yet.  The prize pool is as deep as any event we run: we put 2 booster packs into the pool for each player, and distribute them far deeper than any other even – it’s not uncommon for 10th or 11th place to get something.  In addition we draw random prizes, and everyone gets a special limited edition card too!

Sat, Sep 29 Return to Ravnica Pre-Release 1 Sealed Deck $30.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Pre-Release Event, Includes a limited edition promo Card and six R2R Booster Packs.
*Stronghold Members
9:00am – 1:30pm
Sat, Sep 29 Return to Ravnica Pre-Release 2 Sealed Deck $30.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Pre-Release Event, Includes a limited edition promo Card and six R2R Booster Packs.
*Stronghold Members
2:00pm – 6:30pm
Sat, Sep 29 Return to Ravnica Pre-Release 3 Sealed Deck $30.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Pre-Release Event, Includes a limited edition promo Card and six R2R Booster Packs.
*Stronghold Members
7:00pm – 11:30pm
Sun, Sep 30 Return to Ravnica Pre-Release 4 Sealed Deck $30.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Pre-Release Event, Includes a limited edition promo Card and six R2R Booster Packs.
*Stronghold Members
12:00 – 4:30

Return to Ravnica Game Day Event:

Our Game Day events haven’t been nearly as successful as our Pre-Releases, and we aim to fix this.  In the past we had charge much more thinking that this would make for a more impressive event and prize pool.  After talking with our MTG community most people believe that the price is too high, so this time we have dropped it to only $5.00!  Hopefully this, combined with the special edition cards, will result in a much larger turn-out, which in turn will make for a nice prize pool.  However we are not above bribery, so we will also be drawing for some random prizes on Game day, and the prizes are based on attendance.  Here are the details:

Sat, Oct 27 Return to Ravnica Game Day Standard $5.00/
DCI Sanctioned, Game Day Event, Includes a limited edition promo Card, Random Draws based on attendance *Stronghold Members 12:00 – 5:00

Game Day Random Draws
Attendance of 8-16 players: 4 Random winners get Booster Packs
Attendance of 16-24 players: Same as 8-16plyrs + a random winner get an Event Deck
Attendance of 25-32 players: Same as 16-24plyrs + 4 more random Booster Packs

Return to Ravnica League:

The Return to Ravnica League will be a great way for players to get in some fun casual games on a weekly basis.  More details are forthcoming, however each player will be able to get in 3 games per week, and play will revolve around five guilds.  There will be lanyards and badges for each guild, as well as guild banners.  Here are the details:

Start Date: Monday, October 15th
Ends: Monday, November 12th
Games: Players can get in up to three games per week.  The weeks begin on Mondays, however games may be played at any time at Black Knight Games.
Format: Sealed Deck – At the beginning each player will get 6 Return to Ravnica boosters to build their decks.  Each week players will have the opportunity to buy another booster to add to their deck.
Entry Fee: $30.00 ($25.00 for Stronghold Members) 

Warmachine League: Dark Secrets at Black Knight Games

You’ve heard the stories.  Battles have been fought in the Thornwood before, but never like this.  Beginning on September 13th, Cygnar will stand beside Khador, friend beside foe in unlikely alliances against the impending darkness.  Who will be victorious?

The final season of War-Torn Alliances puts players deep underground in a series of caves that run under the Thornwood.  Battles here will be claustrophobic and rife with hazards. Who knows what secrets lurk in the darkness? Perhaps you will find yourself stumbling through the shadows, battling by an underground lake, or choking on the ashes of a smoldering forest.  Fight tooth and claw for survival, or fall and fade into obscurity…

When: Thursday, September 13th starting at 6pm.  The league will throughout the following weeks with an event night each Thursday.

Entry Fee: Free!  This is the best way to learn more about Warmachine, play a ton of games, or just showcase your favorite army.

Bring: Your Warmachine or Hordes army and a friendly attitude.

How it Works: This season of the War Torn Alliance league is going to use a few different rules based on feedback from our players (see, we listen!).

  • We will be using Map Regions with special rules (listed under the map section here).  After each game players will get to report the game they played as well as the location.  As these locations have special rules, players will need to pick randomly on non-Thursday night games.
  • The first five games a player plays each week earn him league points, and these determine a player’s standings on the scoreboard. Players can continue playing games after reaching their maximum for the week, but additional games will not earn league points.
  • All scored games must be played with an agreed upon scenario.

Prizes: Players can earn up to three of four possible badges.  All players participating may earn a participation badge.  Players may also earn badges for:

  • Hobby – By modeling and painting a piece of cave terrain for the store.  This must be a legal piece of Warmachine terrain, so let your hobby skills shine!
  • Combat – By playing games in three different regions (this is an upgrade from the participation badge).
  • Alliance – By playing a team game with the faction you are allied with using a league model available to your faction.

Knights of the Realm: This season of the War-Torn Alliance league counts toward the Warmachine & Hordes Knights of the Realm season, giving players a possible ten points towards it.