Knights of the Realm: Warhammer Playoffs

The final event, our Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead league, is over, and we now have our final standings! Congratulations to all five players that made it, and yes I mean five; there is a tie at fifth place, so we will do a round robin playoff between all five players. All five players have already won a $25 Gift Card, and the winner will win another $75 (for a total of $100!).  Thanks to everyone that participated in our Knights of the Realm season fro Warhammer in 2012!

The players moving one are:

  • Clayton Shebec
  • Luke Vermeer
  • Sean Minty
  • Gavyn Gurman
  • Colton Davies

These five players will now play a round robin tournament where they will play every player once.  The winner of the tournament will be Season Champion!  All five players should contact us at Black Knight Games so that we can get information to plan the games out.  Good Luck!

Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead – Nagash is Risen!

Well our Warhammer league has ended!  Thank you very much to all the players that participated in it, we had a great turnout proving that our Warhammer fantasy community is as strong as ever!  In total 16 players participated throughout the league, with about 11 players playing almost the entire three months.

For those that weren’t able to follow the league, or that couldn’t play on the finale, the league followed a narrative.  A mysterious stranger named Neissman contacts you with information of a betrayal, and a bizarre clock.  As the league progressed Neissman would reward the victorious player with information on what alliance they were a part of, what the clock was used for, and what their real objective was.  The league used special and unusual scenarios, and was half-wargame half mystery.

In the end it was revealed that each alliance was actually trying to get a certain plate with their own unique symbols to match up with their alliance icon.  However, there was a greater twist, Neissman – the mysterious ally – was actually using each player to try and get his own unique plate to the top of the board.  If he was able to do so then his own scheme would be a success, and every alliance would fail!

The situation was tense at the end of the final battle as each player made final adjustments to the board, and despite all efforts, Neissman was able to achieve his objective!  Nagash is Risen, and the players have doomed the world!

I hope everyone enjoyed the league, it was a lot to organize since each week there was a new scenario, with secret objective, clues and actions.  But I believe things went very well!  Thanks again, and watch out for our next league for Warhammer which will focus on the aftermath of The Rise of Nagash!

~The Black Knight

Labour Day

Black Knight Games will be closed on Labour Day, Monday September 3rd.  We will be open again, as usual, Tuesday at 12:00pm.

I hope everyone enjoys their last chance at summer!

~The Black Knight


WMH Event: Colossal Weekend!


The release of Warmachine: Colossals is one of the biggest releases this year (get it?  biggest?…nevermind).  To celebrate this special release we will be honoring Colossals with an entire weekend of Warmachine & Hordes.  Here are the details:

When: September 22nd & 23rd, all day!

Entry Fee: FREE!

Bring: Your Warmachine or Hordes army(s), a Sanctuary Objective (to earn a Glorious Deed!)

How it Works: Play as many games over the weekend as you are able to, mixing up things like opponents, casters/warlocks used etc. to earn as many Glorious Deeds as possible (list of Glorious Deeds can be viewed here).  To see the full Privateer Press press release on the Colossals event click here.

Prizes: The player with the most Glorious Deeds from each faction (including Hordes-We will give out the Domination medals for them) will earn a faction medal.  The top player in total will also win the Colossals Medal.

Knights of the Realm: The Colossals Weekend will count towards the Warmachine & Hordes Knights of the Realm season, giving players a possible ten points towards it.


Table-Top Episode: Elder Sign

In this episode the folds at Table-Top play Elder Sign by Fantasy Flight Games. Black Knight Games now has Elder Sign in stock so check it out!

Table-Top Episode: Fiasco

So Table-Top aired a pair of great episodes on an unorthodox role-playing game called Fiasco a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot to post it! I had never heard of Fiasco before, but after watching these episodes I can’t wait to try it. Black Knight Games now stocks both the Fiasco rulebook, and Fiasco Companion. If you’re looking for a fun and quick roleplay experience treat yourself and watch these two episodes on Fiasco! ~The Black Knight

Calendar: September 2012

40K: Dark Vengeance Starter, Pre-Order NOW!

The next starter set for Warhammer 40,000 is coming, and soon!  Games Workshop has a history of excellent starter sets, and this edition is no exception.  Dark Vengeance will include Dark Angels, and Chaos Marines.  The set includes 48 minis, rulebook, dice, templates and measuring tools.  All in all the value of the contents, were you to buy them separately, would be almost $500.  No kidding.  There are roughly $200.00 worth of miniatures from each side, here’s what both forces get:

Dark Angels
-Dark Angel Company Master
-Dark Angel Librarian
-5 Dark Angels Terminators
-3 Ravenwing Bikes
-10 Dark Angels Marines
(including Sergeant, Plasma Gun & Plasma Cannon)
Chaos Marines
-Chaos Lord with Plasma Pistol
-6 Chosen Chaos Marines
(including Chosen Champion)
-Hellbrute with Multi-Melta & Power Fist
-10 Chaos Cultists (including Champion)
-10 more Chaos Cultists (including Champion)

We can’t post images, however you can find them at sites like Bell of Lost Souls, Beasts of War and Warseer, so go have a look!

SPECIAL EDITION SET: In addition to the normal Dark Vengeance Set, GW are releasing a special edition version of the set one week early, and it will also include a Limited edition Interrogator Chaplain model that will only be available in that set.  Black Knight Games will be getting many of these sets, however they are limited edition, and they will be VERY popular, so make sure to get your pre-order in now!

Black Knight Games will be taking pre-orders starting now on both the Special Edition set, and the regular Dark Vengeance starter sets.  Both of these sets will be popular, so the only way to guarantee yourself a copy is to pre-order it.  Here are the details:

Dark Vengeance Special Edition: MSRP $128.00 / Pre-Order Price $117.99
Release Date: September 1st 2012
Includes a Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplain

Dark Vengeance Starter Set: MSRP $119.00 / Pre-Order Price $107.99
Release Date: September 8th 2012

To pre-order either of these sets you can drop by the store, or call in with a CC, and either pay the full amount or a deposit.  Without a deposit or payment we cannot guarantee copies as numbers for both may be limited on release.

Table-Top Episode: Say Anything

Say Anything is a great party game, one that we’ve carried at Black Knight Games for a few years.  This is the first real party game that Table-Top has done, and it is Hi-Lari-Ous!  Check it out.

On another note, if you love this show as much as we do then help make sure that it gets picked up for another season.  You can do this by subscribing to their channel, Geek & Sundry, or doing any of those other internetty things like ‘liking’ on Facebook, ‘tweeting’ on twitter and so-on.  Table-Top is funded by YouTube, so their next season is dependent on how well they do on all those metrics, so give ’em a hand!


So Apocalypticon was one week ago.  I didn’t get a chance to post all the incredible results because a day later I was off to GenCon (which I will tell you all about soon!), so I haven’t given you the whole report yet.  Basically it was big.  Really big.  We actually broke 500,000 points of Warhammer in a single game!  Incredible.  If you weren’t able to go but wish you had, I don’t blame you.  It was epic.  But luckily for you our clever and resourceful partners at MiniWarGaming caught it all on video, check it out!:

You can check out all the videos for this incredible event on the MiniWarGaming website.