Call to Arms: Past, Present and Future!

The Flames of War Call to Arms event is finished, and three participants were victorious!  Check out the Flames of War Call to Arms page for all of the final results!

As we close one chapter we begin a new one.  Call to Arms: Warmachine & Hordes is already underway. With over 50 days left to achieve your deadline there is still plenty of time, so join in the fun!  You can check out all of the details on the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms page.

Finally while the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms has barely begun we wanted to tease you with what we have planned after that because it’s a little bit different.  Dropzone Commander is a brand new game that isn’t even released yet, that we at Black Knight Games can’t wait for.  It is a smaller scale game that boasts some great looking miniatures with innovative design, and the most affordable rulebook in the industry.  The game will be out this August/September, and we will begin a Call to Arms event for Dropzone Commander as soon as WMH is completed.  What better way to get in to a new game?

Check out the Hawk Wargames website for all the details on Dropzone Commander, I think you’ll be impressed and excited.

Events Calendar: August

Can you believe that the summer is half over already?  Well don’t worry because we have crammed all kinds of great stuff in to August.  Apocalypticon 2012, the biggest event that we at Black Knight Games has ever been involved in, will highlight the month with over 500 thousand points of 40K goodness.  We will complete our popular Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead Warhammer campaign, and begin a new 40K league.  And of course we have tournaments, FNMs and all kinds of other great stuff.

Enjoy your summer!

~The Black Knight

Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Tournament Play

With a new edition of Warhammer 40,000 now in print it is time for Black Knight Games to evaluate how it changes our tournament structure and scoring.  To that end we have created a new Tournament Results Sheet for 40k, as well as a new method of scoring tournaments.  For those of you that have played tournaments at BKG in the past you will recognize much of what we will use, however there are several major changes as well.

The typical Warhammer 40,000 tournament will have three rounds.  Occasionally there will be times when an event may have more, but our normal monthly events will have three rounds.  Each round will have a different scenario, complete with the following details: Deployment, Special Rules, One Major Objective and three Secondary Objectives.   These scenarios and objectives might be taken from the rulebook, or created by the tournament organizer.

Match Scoring
The results of each game will allow for players to score the following points: Eight points for achieving the Major Objective, and three points for achieving each of the three Secondary Objectives.  Additionally players get three points just for playing the games (which players that leave the tournament early would not get).  In total a player may receive up to 20 points in a single match (8 for the major, 9 for the minors and 3 for playing).

Sportsmanship Scoring
Each round a player will judge their opponent’s sportsmanship as well, giving them up to three points for it.  The sportsmanship points are rewarded for players that kept the game moving, were fair when resolving disputes, created an enjoyable game and whom you would recommend to a friend.  At the end of the tournament each player will vote for their single favorite opponent.  Each vote will give the player a further point.  So a perfect sportsmanship score would be 12 including all three opponents voting for them and scoring a perfect 3 in each game.

Presentation Scoring
We will reward up to seven points in the tournament for Presentation.  The tournament organizers will reward a player with two points if their entire army is painted, two points if the entire army is based, one point if the army follows WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), one point if the army is on a display board, and one point if the paint-job has a high-level of detail.  All of these will be judged by the tournament organizer which should keep the judging fair across all players’ armies.

Bonus Points
There will be four bonus points available to all players for coming to the event prepared.  One point will be awarded if the player provides the tournament organizers with an army list (that they can keep), an additional bonus point will be awarded if the player brings an army list to be made available to opponents.  One bonus point will be awarded if the player brings sufficient gaming supplies to play a proper game (Dice, Scatter Dice, Templates, Tape Measure & Objective Markers).  Finally one bonus point will be awarded if the player brings all necessary rulebooks, this includes a copy of the Warhammer 40K Rulebook, and any codexes for armies that the player is using including allies.

Here is the overall breakdown of possible points in a standard three round tournament:

Match Scoring
Game 1:  3-20pts
Game 2: 3-20pts
Game 3: 3-20pts
Total:  9-60pts

Sportsmanship Scoring
Game 1:  0-3pts
Game 2:  0-3pts
Game 3:  0-3pts
Favorite Opponents Votes:  0-3pts
Total:  0-12pts

Presentation Scoring
Entire army is painted: 0-2pts
Entire army is based: 0-2pts
Army is painted with a high level of detail: 0-1pt
Army is displayed on a Display Board: 0-1pt
Army is built following WYSIWYG: 0-1pt
Total: 0-7pts

Bonus Scoring
Provided an army list to the store: 0-1pt
Provided an army list(s) to opponents: 0-1pt
Brought all necessary gaming accessories: 0-1pt
Brought all necessary rulebooks: 0-1pt
Total: 0-4pts 

Highest Possible Score: 83pts 

New 6th Edition Results Sheet

Knights of the Realm: Warmachine & Hordes

The first Warmachine & Hordes season in our Knights of the Realm program is here! The 2012 season of Warmachine & Hordes will last about four months and include several tournaments, events, a league and a Call to Arms event. All of these events will add to each player’s renown, both for participation and for achievement in the events. At the end of the season we will have a playoff amongst the top four players for bragging rights and prizes!

Joining the Knights of the Realm leaderboard is open exclusively to Stronghold Members, and is free! Simply let the staff know you would like to join up.

Season Prizes: There will be several prizes to the participants of the Season. The victor of the playoff will get a $100.00 Black Knight Games gift card, and their name on the in-store plack of champions! Other participants in the final four matchup will get $25.00 gift cards. So $175.00 in prizes will be given out, and joining up is free!

To see all of the events that will count towards the Warmachine & Hordes Knights of the Realm leaderboard, or to track the standings, go to the WMH Knights of the Realm page!

40K Event: Burning Skies Flyer Battle


Black Knight Games will be running a mega-battle themed around flyers!  In Burning Skies each participant can either bring a flyer/squadron of fliers, or if you don’t have any fliers you can contribute to the ground forces defence.  In Burning Skies the scenario will be that a base is being bombarded and harassed by a flight of fliers and the ground forces, and AA emplacements must shoot them down.  Pilots will get rewarded for destroying objectives on the ground, and defenders will be rewarded for shooting down fliers.

When: Sunday, August 26th, 12:00pm-5:00pm

Entry Fee: Free!

Bring: Either bring up to 500pts of Flyers, or 500pts of ground troops

So take to the skies and become the Top Ace, or defend the base and bag some planes in Burning Skies!

Warhammer: Thirteen Lies to End the World


We are a few weeks in and some important information has leaked out!  Everyone this week will be given access to Clue #1.  Currently the Clock rests at 9.  If you haven’t already joined, it’s not to late to get in on the fun!

The sequal to our most popular campaign ever, Thirteen Lies to End the World, is here!  Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead will be a league unlike any other.  In this league you will be given very little information, and only through victory every week will you uncover the secrets of the league, which team you are on, what your goals are and how to achieve them.  Who is Neissman?  What does the clock do?  What’s with the mysterious symbols on the game boar?  Questions will be answered as you uncover the secrets in Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead!

When: Tuesdays at 6pm

Begins: June 12th
Ends: August 28th

Bring: Your army: 1000pts (Jun 12-Jul 3), 1500pts (Jul 10-31), 2000pts (Aug 7-28)

Greetings friend, you may not remember me but I certainly know you.  I was a great friend to your father when you were just a child, and used to tell you old war stories.  A business opportunity sent me across the sea many years ago and I have been there ever since.  I was saddened to hear about your father’s sudden death, he was a great man, the best I ever knew.  He entrusted me with some important information regarding a considerable inheritance, much more valuable than gold.  However, I was instructed to put you through a test to make sure that you are worthy.  I know what you are thinking, whatever the inheritance might be is a birthright!  And I sympathize with your sentiment, and certainly do not wish to provoke you at this delicate time.  However the item in question carries with it a certain responsibility and will power is paramount to utilize it properly.

I will send further instruction soon, and am actually preparing to come meet you myself, however there are certain matters that I must attend to presently.  In the meantime ready your forces and prepare for battle, because others know that your father has died, and as we speak they are preparing to rob you of what should be yours!

Your Faithful Servant,


You may absolutely join in after the league begins, and since you will be joining an existing team you will still be able to contribute and win.  So sign up today, and uncover the mystery!

Happy Canada Day!


From all the staff at Black Knight Games we hope you enjoy your day off (we sure will)!  We are so fortunate to live in a great country where we can all relax with friends and play some great games.

We are closed today (Sunday) but will be open bright and…er…noonish on Monday.

~The Black Knight