Malifaux Day Long Campaign

Malifaux: Underworld Conquest

When: 11:00 AM- 7:00 PM, June 9th

Where: Black Knight Games

Cost: FREE!

Game Size: 35ss Crew

What: Underworld Conquest is a one day, team oriented, map based campaign for Malifaux.  Players will be assigned to a team and will fight their way through the city of Malifaux trying to gain the upper hand on their rivals and eventually taking control of the sprawling underworld!

Full details here!

Table Top Episode: Munchkin

In this episode Wil Wheaton and cast-mates from The Guild take on the game designer himself in Steve Jackson’s Munchkin, everyone’s favorite RPG spoof! Check it out!

BKG carries all the goodies for Munchkin, so check them out on our online store.

Warhammer Mega-Battle Rescheduled

We will be bumping back the day of the Warhammer Neissman’s Prophecy mega-battle from this Sunday, to next Sunday June 10th.

This even will kickstart the Warhammer Campaign, the sequal to the most successful campaign in BKG history: Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead.

More details on both to follow, but here is what you need to know:

Thirteen Lies to Raise the Dead will be a weekly league on Tuesdays beginning June 12th.  For the first week bring a 1000pt Warhammer army.  The league will last for twelve weeks, and will have a mega-battle (Neissman’s Prophecy) that will kick it all off on Sunday June 10th as we just mentioned.

Also, it’s going to be a really fun and interesting campaign, just ask anyone that played in the last Thirteen Lies campaign.

~The Black Knight

Calendar: June 2012