April Events Calendar

Warhammer 40,000: Monster Mash-up (Event)

When Dreadnoughts and Monsters collide nothing will remain after the smoke has cleared but one standing victorious.

When: Sunday, April 15th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!
Prizes: Two $10 prizes will be awarded


1) Each player may bring 1 walker or 1 Monstrous creature to the Monster Mash-up with a maximum point value of 200 points within legal codex restrictions.

2) Entries may be used from any army selection type as long as they meet the 200 point maximum requirement and stand on two (or more) feet or claws.

3) No tanks or fliers will be permitted in this event (sorry Imperial Guard – You’re stuck with Sentinals!)

4) Turn order will be determined randomly at the start of the each round.

5) Buildings completely block line of sight, (no seeing through windows).

6) Models must be WYSIWYG, does not need to be painted.

7) No proxies (ex. Librarian dreadnoughts must be the actual model or a sufficently converted model).

8 ) There are no rules against players teaming up or head hunting of any kind. This can be a battle that is a free-for-all so players can go solo, or operate in alliances as well.

9) A “Monster Slayer” rule will be in effect where if a Walker inflicts a wound on a Monsterous creature (after any saves, but before Feel No Pain) the player rolls an extra die, and on a roll of ‘6’ the monster dies regardless of remaining wounds.

10) The winners of this event will be determined in two ways: by Kill Points with each creature/walker worth 1 kill point for every 50 points (or part) the model is worth rounding up to determine KP value, and by ‘Last Man Standing’.  Both the player with the highest kill count, and the last man standing will receive a $10 BKG Gift Card for their victories!


Warmachine League Starting Soon!

Black Knight Games is hosting a Warmachine and Hordes league! Running from April 16th until May 13th this league will follow the rules listed for Privateer Press Organized play including special league models, league upgrades, and league specific alliances.

Throughout the league players will be allowed to play against other participants and report wins, but each Thursday (from 6pm – 9pm) we will host a special scenario and opportunity to earn additional points for participating in and winning battles.

Privateer press patches are available for participants, as well as special patches to reward players engaging in a battle against 5+ factions throughout the league, patches for players playing team games, and hobby patches for players converting and painting a league model.

Best of all, results from the league here at Black Knight Games are uploaded to Privateer Press and effect a global map. What alliance will dominate the Olgunholt Forest?

The War-Torn Alliances give everyone an opportunity to shine in nearly all aspects of the hobby—painting and modeling, faction mastery, and working with a teammate to achieve victory for the greater good.

If there are questions about the league, feel free to email me or discuss them in this thread.

League Alliances:

      Cygnar–Thornfall Alliance
      Khador–Blindwater Congregation

The first special event day for the league is April 19th, but league games can be played starting on April 16th. If you want to count league games played before the first event day, email me the result of your match, your opponent’s name, and what factions each player played.



Hiring: Part-Time Sales Position

We are now looking for candidates for a  part-time sales specialist at Black Knight Games.   If you feel that you are well suited for this job, you may submit an application either in person in the shop, or to info@blackknightgames.ca .  Please include a cove letter explaining why you feel like you would be a good fit at Black Knight Games as well as the games you personally enjoy.


-Part-Time Position, about 7-15 Hours per week (two shifts)

-Applicants must be able to work most Saturdays, Saturdays are the main day that needs to be covered.

-Job entails helping customers, ringing through purchases, helping to run events, helping with orders & inventory control, opening/closing the store, and cleaning & maintenance.

-Payment is entry-level wages, staff discount and the other perks of working in a game store.

So if you feel you have what it takes to join the Black Knight team please submit your resume today!


I would just like to thank everyone that has applied, we had lots of great applicants, far more than for any previous position.  We will hold on to all resumes in case future positions open up, but for now we have made our decision.  What is old is new again, as we will be filling the position with two former BKG employees: Mykk and Yao!  I hope you’ll join me in welcoming them both back to Black Knight Games the next time you see them in.  Once again thank you to everyone that applied! 

The Black Knight Loot Card is here!

The Black Knight Loot Card is here!  This is a new rewards program that we have been developing for some time now, and it will allow you to get rewarded just for starting a new game, or army!  Simply ask for the Loot Card when beginning a new game/army and fill out the quests on the card to get a free reward!

Details can be found on the Black Knight Loot Card page.  Cards may be completed for any miniature wargame that we can sell!  So get your card today and get rewarded for enjoying your hobby!


Back At It!

I have been gone on vacation for the past week, which is why there haven’t been any recent updates.  So now that I am back from the land of sun and sand there are a bunch of things to catch up on.

  • -Check back soon for the April Calendar.
  • -I have just updated the Warhammer Call to Arms page, and am happy to announce that we have now tied our record for participants at 27 (and counting).
  • -We have exciting news coming up, maybe later today, about a new Black Knight Games reward system.
  • -We have lots of restocks that have arrived today, so if you’ve been waiting for something to arrive check in with us!

So I’ll get back to playing catch-up, but stay tuned for more news!

~The Black Knight

EDH Tournament Upcoming

Think your EDH deck is great and unique?  Test yourself against the rest of our MTG community in this week’s EDH (Commander) tournament!  The details:

When: Saturday, March 17th, 12pm – 5pm

Entry Fee: $10.00 ($8.00 for Members)

Format: 1 on 1 Commander matches

So grab your general and take on all comers!  Details can be found on our events page.

Warhammer Call to Arms Update

We have up dated the webpage for our Warhammer Call to Arms army building league.  We have a great number of players participating (26 so far!) so be sure to check in on all of the progress.  If you are participating don’t forget to email the info@blackknightgames.ca account with regular journal updates, and even include pictures if you want!  Good luck to all those brave participants!

New March Calendar