February Calendar

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Court of the Puppet King

Malifaux is a dangerous place to live. When you aren’t huddled in your house worrying about zombies and monsters breaking in a dragging you away, you are outside, wondering when the next earthquake or volcanic eruption is going to drop a building on your head. It’s a rough place, where only the desperate would ever go, and only the strong can hope to survive.

And yet, despite all of these things, people bring their children with them through the breach…

The Court of the Puppet King league has begun, join us on Monday Nights and get involved!

Check out the details here.

New Range: Banelegions!

Black Knight Games will be carrying this incredible new range, available for the first time in retail stores.  BaneLegions is a range of miniatures sculpted by some of the best sculptors in the business.  The range includes two different classes of miniatures: BaneLords and BaneBeasts.  BaneLords make great heroes for fantasy games, or just as fun figures to paint.  BaneBeasts are giant monsters, often substituting in perfectly into a Warhammer army, or other game system.  BaneLeagions have an incredible level of detail, and are made of resin.  The closes range that you can compare them to is Forge World, and in fact many of the sculptors that have done work for Forge World have also contributed to BaneLegions.  I myself already have several BaneLegions miniatures that I ordered from the UK before they were made available to stores, and I have found them to be of an extremely high quality.  There are many more miniatures in the range, but here are some examples of them:

BaneBeasts (Click to Enlarge)


BaneLords (Click to Enlarge)



We are about to place our initial order for BaneLegions, however since it is coming directly from the UK, and it is a new range we will be taking Pre-Orders on it for the next week.  Anybody that pre-orders by Monday, January 23rd will save 10% on the order.  After that we will continue to take pre-orders, however no discount will apply.  The entire range can be viewed on the BaneLegions website.  The prices on the website are in british pounds and are not accurate, here is our price lists including both what will be our regular prices, and what you can get them for this week!.

So Pre-Order now!  And when they arrive be sure to check out the range in all it’s glory!

Results: Warmachine Doubles Tournament

Another Warmachine and Hordes tournament is in the books.  This month we ran a 25 point doubles tournament, and a total of 8 teams participated!  Over the three rounds three teams emerged above the rest, here they are:

1st Place: Kal H. & John M.

2nd Place: Colin F. & Chandler D.

3rd Place: Dave H. & Nick T.

Congrats to the winners, and a big thanks to everyone that participated!  Next month we are having another interesting Warmachine & Hordes tournament called ‘Escalating Warfare’.  It will consist of a four round tournament where the points changes each round (starting at 15pts and moving towards 35pts).  Check out our Events Page for the details!

And if you want to stay up to date on all of the Warmachine news at Black Knight Games be sure to register for our Newsletter!  Here are the overall results from the tournament:

Holiday Bundle Draw Winners

Congrats to the following people who won the four draws from our Holiday Deals promotion:

PACK 432 Figure Case: Adam Francis

Magic Booster Box: Mark Schwenger

Board Game: Ian Ganong

$75 Gift Card: Michael Mavin

Thanks to everyone that participated, and Happy New Year!

If you are one of the winners, we have already contacted you, please come in and collect your prize.

~The Black Knight