New Year’s Madness!

No plans tonight for New Years Eve?  Come on in to Black Knight Games and have some games, eat some snacks and celebrate with other gamers!

We are open tonight until after midnight, so drop by and get some games in!  We will have open gaming, and if there are enough players for any specific game we will put together a small tournament or mega-battle.

We will also have free snacks and drinks (sorry not that kind) for party goers, and there will be a midnight-draw for some free swag!

So have a Happy New Year, and spend the end (and start) of the year with us!!!

New Calendar: January 2012

Magic: Dark Ascension Release Schedule

With Dark Ascension coming up at the end of January I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know what we will be doing for this exciting release!

We will be running an unprecedented four pre-release events! How can we possibly fit this in? Well in addition to the two Saturday events, and the Sunday event, we will be running a Midnight Pre-Release event on the Friday Night, crossing over into Saturday! All four events are Sealed Deck tournaments where participants will get six booster packs, as well as land and a free limited edition promo-card.  They are $30 to enter, or $25 for Stronghold Members.  Here are the Pre-Release Event times:

Pre-Release #1: Fri, January 27th, 9:00pm-2:00am
Pre-Release #2: Saturday, January 28th, 10:00am-4:00pm
Pre-Release #3: Saturday, January 28th, 4:00pm-10:00pm
Pre-Release #4: Sunday, January 29th, 12:00pm-5:00pm

Also note that during the Friday Night Magic immediately before the 1st Pre-Release event, a Standard event running from 5:30pm-9:00pm, we will be giving away a free entry to any pre-release event of your choice to one RANDOM participant!

Launch Party
We will once again be running a Launch Party on the following week (we would love to run more, but as of right now Wizards only allows one, if you want them to change this as we do feel free to email them!).  Like the Pre-Releases the Launch Party will be a Sealed Deck tournament, with a different limited edition promo-card.  It too will be $30 to enter, or $25 for Stronghold Members.

Launch Party: Saturday, February 4th, 12:00pm-5:00pm

Like the Pre-Release we will be giving away a free pass to the Launch Party for one RANDOM participant in the preceding Friday Night Magic event, a Booster Draft on Friday, February 3rd at 5:30pm.

Game Day
We will have our Dark Ascension Game Day event at the end of February. The Game Day is the first major Standard event utilizing Dark Ascension. Players bring a legal standard deck and duke it out. Everyone gets one special edition promo card, and the top eight get a second foil promo card. The entry fee is $15, or $12 for Stronghold Members.

Dark Ascension Game Day: Saturday, February 25th, 12:00pm-5:00pm

As with the other release events we will give away one pass to the Game Day to a lucky Random participant of February 24th FNM event, a Standard format event at 5:30pm.

Knights of the Realm
We will be beginning a great new event type for Magic, called the Knights of the Realm, with these Dark Ascension release events. Knights of the Realm is a season of gaming, that rewards players for their participation and achievement in Black Knight Games Magic events, and it’s free! Check it out here.

Infinity: The Teseum Conflict League

Black Knight Games will be running an Infinity League at the beginning of March.  Details to come!  The league will run from the beginning of March, to the end of April.

When: TBD March 2012

Size: TBD

Ask our Infinity Standard Bearer Justin if you have any questions or suggestions.

Infinity: Welcome to the Sphere


With the Infinity Call to Arms set to begin at the start of January, Black Knight Games, and our Infinity Standard Bearer Justin, will be running a welcome event for all of our Infinity players, both for those participating in the Call to Arms, and those who might not.

Welcome to the Sphere will be an introductory event where everyone will get a chance to meet other Infinity players, and get some games in.  The exact nature of the game-play will depend on attendance, but we will do our best to match up players with others so that by the end of the event everyone has a better handle on the rules, as well as the Infinity gaming community at Black Knight Games.

When: Saturday, January 14th, 12pm – 5pm

Entry Fee: None

Bring: Your Infinity force, regardless of size

If you have any questions please email our Infinity Standard Bearer Justin

Boxing Day Madness!

Did you get any Black Knight Games gift cards for Christmas? We hope so because we are having a Boxing Day Sale! On December 26th, Boxing Day, everything in the store will be 10% OFF! Yep, everything!

Not enough Boxing Day sale for you? Well we are offering our Boxing Day sale online as well for the whole week!

And, if that’s not enough crazy for you make sure to pop in on December 31st for our New Years Madness, where we will have more deals, fun, and there might even be food…

Merry Christmas & Boxing Day Goodness

“On the twelfth day of Christmas Gamer-Santa gave to me:
-Twelve-Sided Dice a Rolling
-Eleven Boosters Packing
-Ten Marines Assaulting
-Nine Goblins Snotling
-Eight Pots a Painting
-Seven Wonders Wondering
-Six Gun-Mages Shooting
-Legend of Five Riiiiiiingggg!
-Four Dragons for my Dungeon
-Three Heavy ‘Jacks
-A Two-Player Starter Set
-And Black Knight Holiday Ballot for FREEEEEE”

The staff at Black Knight Games would like you wish you and yours a safe, happy and fun-filled Christmas!

Boxing Day:
Drop by on Boxing Day for some great deals! Sorry, that’s all I’m giving you…

Details will be up on the site on December 25th at 6:00pm

Flames of War 3rd Edition is Coming

The guys at Flames of War have announced the next edition of Flames of War.  Most importantly is that none of the existing models or army lists will be invalidated.  And very exciting is the fact that they will once again be offering players with an existing hard-cover copy of the rules a FREE soft-cover version of the new edition!  Check out the announcement:

Call to Arms: Infininty

Infinity is an exciting game that is brand new to Black Knight Games.  Despite it being a new range here it is catching on like wildfire, with players really enjoying the quick gameplay, and realistic response options giving the game a very SWAT-team tactical feel.  Add to that the fact that it is a small skirmish game, and there are many reasons why getting into Infinity is appealing.  If you are interested in giving it a try your best bet is to jump in on the Call to Arms!

Entry Fee: $65.00

You Get: $75.00 towards miniatures for the contest (yes just for signing up you get a deal!)

Begins: Monday, January 16th,. Registration begins on Monday, January 2nd 2012.

Deadline: Sunday, February 19th, 12:00pm

Victory Conditions: Each player must try to complete a legal 200 point Infinity force. In addition, the participant must contribute at least two journal entries to the Call to Arms blog by the deadline. Journal entries are simple updates on how your project is going, and can include details, pictures, or even links to a blog that you might have.  Participants can submit their journal entries to

Victory Pool: In addition to the deal that you get right off the top, Black Knight Games will be putting $10.00 into a Victory Pool for each participant. Anyone that completes their force (fully painted & based) by the deadline, and has submitted their minimum two journal entries will be given an even share of the Victory Pool.

Deadline Gaming: On the date of the deadline, Sunday February 19th, we will be holding running a small tournament or mega-battles for all of the victorious participants. So you get a chance to play with your new army right away, against other fully painted armies, and against competitors with a similar amount of experience playing with it. This always makes for some very fun matches.

Armies: Forces must be a legal 200pts. Participants may use the miniatures that they have gotten with their entry fee, as well as miniatures that they already own as long as they are not already painted, or they may buy additional miniatures. If participants wish to use miniatures they already own they must prove that the miniatures are not finished beforehand.

Check out the Call to Arms: Infinity page to follow everyone’s progress!  Ask the staff about registering today!

Update: We have adjusted the points cost from 250pts to 200pts.

Magic the Gathering Season begins in January!

The first ever Knights of the Realm gaming season for Magic: the Gathering will begin in at the end of January.  Knights of the Realm is Black Knight Games’ newest gaming program, wherein several events for a specific game system will all be counted towards an overall seasonal standing.  The program is open to all Stronghold Members, and is free!  At the end of the season we will add up to see which player is the champion, and that player will win a big prize!  The Magic: the Gathering season will last about four months, and will include FNMs, tournaments including release events, as well as a league.  All events  will earn participants points based on attendance as well as performance.

Details of the exact events to be included in this season will be coming soon.  Registration for the season begins now, so if you are a magic player as well as a Stronghold Member be sure to register soon, after all it is free!  Not a Stronghold Member?  Then become one today and not only will you have access to the Knights of the Realm season, but you will also gets deals, discounts and other privileges!

Keep yours eye open for more details!