Warmachine VS Cystic Fibrosis Charity Tournament

Mulg HATES Cystic Fibrosis


Join us for a charity tournament supporting Cystic Fibrosis Canada.  All proceeds will be going to the folks at this excellent charity, and all of the prizes and goodies have been donated by some excellent sponsors. 

When: Saturday, October 8th, 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Entry Fee: $20.00 (There is no discount for Stronghold Members because the entire amount goes to charity)
Game Size: 35pts (Two Lists)
Format: Steamroller

Throughout the games players will have the option of donating $1.00 to Cystic Fibrosis Canada to buy a re-roll.  The re-roll is for an entire roll, so if a player rolls three dice for damage they would re-roll ALL three dice (players cannot choose to just re-roll 1).  Players may re-roll a re-roll, however in order to do so they must double the price each time (so re-roll the dice once for $1.00, twice for $2.00, three times for $4.00 etc.).  Likewise players may choose to donate in the same way in order to force an opponent to re-roll.

All of the prizes in the tournament have been donated by some great sponsors:
1st Place: Any box, including Battle Engines, units or whatever!  (Donated By: Chris Mallory the Tournament Organizer).
2nd Place: Any box up to a value of $50.00 (Donated By: Black Knight Games)
3rd Place: Any Blister of any value (Donate by: Black Knight Games)
Coins: The top three places will receive Privateer tournament coins as well (Donated By: Privateer Press)

In addition to the normal prizes we have some great stuff in a swag bag for everyone that plays.  Privateer Press has donated the following for every player in the tournament: A Hordes Domination Poster, a Warmachine Wrath Poster, a Privateer Press Die, and a Privateer Press bandanna.  Also Ayden, our Press-ganger, has been painting up a Cygnar Storm Strider that he will be giving away to one lucky participant!

We also have a few more sponsors that we are waiting to hear from, so there will likely be even more swag, prizes or giveaways!

So help Mulg out and join in the fight against Cystic Fibrosis!

Events Calendar: October


Welcome to October!  This month we will see several very exciting events here at Black Knight Games.  Innistrad, the new and very popular set from Magic is released at the beginning of October.  As always we will be running a Launch Party Sealed Deck tournament, as well as offering the Buy-A-Box Promotion.  Speaking of Innistrad, the first Magic: the Gathering league using the new WPN league system begins in October, so be sure to check out the Innistrad League.  We will be running a great tournament for a great cause, so if you are a Warmachine or Hordes player be sure to sign up for Warmachine VS. Cystic Fibrosis.  We have a beginner’s game day for Malifaux, so whether you are planning to get started in Malifaux, or you want to get some games in to better know your faction, we’ll see you at the Sewn Together Wrong event.  The second tournament in the Warhammer 40,000 Munitorum series is in October as well.  Finaly, at the end of the month we have the biggest standard tournament of the new magic block, the Innistrad Game Day.

Looking to the side-board we can see that November has some very exciting events coming as well, with our first ever multi-day Warhammer 40K tournament, the Two-Day Masters.  We also have our biggest event of the fall, the Black Knight Games Demo Day 2011!  So whatever it is you are interested in playing we have got you covered!

For more details on these and other events make sure to sign up for the Black Knight Games Newsletters , and do it soon because the October Newsletters will be going out over the next week!

Happy Black Knight Gaming!

~The Black Knight

New Hours

We just can’t get enough of our loyal gamers at Black Knight Games, so we have decided to extend our hours!  Yes that means more gaming, more shopping and most importantly more hanging out and talking with Rob (well I guess it’s not all good news)!  The following changes will apply:

Effective immediately: Black Knight Games will permanently be open on Mondays.  Up to this point we were only open Mondays during summers and holiday shopping season.  We will of course still be closed on holiday Mondays.

Effective October 8th: Black Knight Games will extend our operating hours on Saturdays to 10pm!  That’s right we are bringing back late night gaming!  This will allow us to run more events, and have more open gaming times!

We hope that our customers appreciate these new extensions.  We certainly appreciate the loyalty of our great customers that have allowed us to succeed and expand in ways like this!

Hiring: Computer Specialist

***UPDATE:  We received more applications for this job than any other previous position at BKG!  At this time we have filled the position, and really feel that we have found an excellent person for the job.  That being said there were so many great candidates for this job, many of whom are excellent and loyal regulars here at BKG.  Thank you very much to everyone that applied, we are so lucky to have a group such as yourselves to draw from when selecting staff!***

We are now looking for candidates for a new job position at Black Knight Games.  If you feel that you are well suited for this job, please submit an application either in person in the shop, or to info@blackknightgames.ca .  Unlike all of the other jobs we have hired for in the past this position is not a retail sales position, rather a computer specialist position.


  • Part-Time (16-24 hours/week), time is somewhat flexible, weekday shifts are preferable, however weeknights can work as well
  • Job mainly entails data entry, inputting and maintaining inventory, processing online sales and arranging shipping, as well as various computer-related tasks.
  • Job is on-site, in the office.
  • Applicants should be have some experience and training in computers, and be able to keep on task and on a schedule.
  • While not necessary knowledge or experience in any of the following would be valued:
    • Network Management
    • Graphic Design, Photoshop, Flash Editing
    • HTML editing
    • Shopping Cart/eCommerce management
    • Forum Management (specifically phpbb)
    • Google AdWords
    • MS Excel

In essence this position would be a bit of a jack of all trades computer job, that mainly focuses on data-entry and order processing.  So if you feel you have the expertise required, and you are interested in joining the BKG team, apply now!

MTG League Play Begins in October!

The first league in the new League-Play system begins this Fall.  The Innistrad League will feature a sealed growth system, where participants grow the size of their sealed collection every week, beginning with only a few boosters.  Participants may play up to five times a week.  More info to come!

Play Free with Magic Celebration!

Magic Celebration is a great way to celebrate your favorite game! Enjoy an event courtesy of Wizards at Black Knight Games!

Free Mini-Masters Event

Come on in and play in a special format event for FREE!  Each participant in the Mini-Masters will get a free booster pack and 15 lands, and will play a game with them.  Winners of the first match will be given more lands and another free booster to add to their tiny deck, and will play again.  Players continue to add to their decks as long as they keep winning!

When: Saturday, September 10th, 12:00pm
Entry Fee: How many times do we have to say it’s FREE!
Seating will be limited while supplies last.  Once it is done, if we still have boosters we’ll do it all over again!

Wait, There’s More?

Yes there is!  The first four customers who purchase a Deckbuilder’s Toolkit at the Magic Celebration event will receive a t-shirt! (T-shirt sizes are L and XL. While supplies last. Void where prohibited. Offer good one per person.)