Major Announcement: Newsletters Everywhere!

Black Knight Games is beginning a great new system of email newsletters to keep you in touch with the news you care about.  Rather then sending out one blanket newsletter we have made several email lists that you can sign up for.  This way Magic players can get the Magic: the Gathering news, without having to sift through a bunch of info on stuff they don’t care about, and 40K players can quickly skim over all of the Warhammer happenings, without having to hear about the upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh set.  When you sign up for our newsletter you will be prompted to select which lists you would like to join, you can select more then one, here are the newsletter lists that we will begin with:

  1. BKG Headlines: This newsletter will only discuss the most important events, sales and news at Black Knight Games.  Received only when there is relevant news.
  2. Magic: the Gathering: This newsletter will cover everything possible for Magic: the Gathering, including all our Magic events, from FNMs to Pre-Releases, new and upcoming releases, and other MTG news.  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  3. Warmachine & Hordes: This newsletter will cover the world of Warmachine.  New and upcoming releases will be listed, along with news and information on our leagues, tournaments and other events.  Other Privateer Press related info will make its way in as well from time to time.  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  4. Warhammer & Warhammer 40K: This newsletter will include any information and news on the systems of Games Workshop, focusing mainly on the two Warhammer worlds.  New releases will be included, as well as upcoming releases (when available).  Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.
  5. Wargaming: This newsletter is a catch-all for other wargames that are popular at Black Knight Games, like Flames of War, Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Kings of War etc. Received Monthly, as well as occasional special announcements.

Over time we may add or subtract newsletter listings based on the customer interest as well as the amount of news a particular game or category of games has.  So in time there may be a Board Game newsletter, or one for other Collectibles, or RPGs, only time will tell.  If there is an area that you feel we are not covering enough please let us know!  You can unsubscribe from our newsletter lists any time, anonymously, so sign up now and get all of the important BKG news delivered right to you!

You can sign up for our newsletter any time by clicking on the button at the top left of this page, or through facebook.  However just to make it super easy for those of you reading:

September Calendar

September is here, and we’ve got you covered!  September boasts three Magic: the Gathering Pre-Release events (a BKG first), as well as the Launch Party for Innistrad.  We will be hosting the regional Semi Finals for the Warhammer 40,000 ‘Ard Boyz as well.  Come in for a FREE Magic the Gathering tournament on the 10th and try out the very fun Mini-Masters format (I got to try it at GenCon and it is a blast!).  We will be running a 50pt Warmachine Hardcore tournament this coming Saturday, so hopefully you’ve got your forces painted up!  Finaly for you L5R players the second Winner’s Choice tournament is coming up this month as well.  So drop by BKG to conquer those back-to-school blues!

~The Black Knight

New Gamer Program: Standard Bearers

As we previously mentioned we are transforming the Knightly Orders program by splitting it up and creating several new initiatives that we hope will prove more successful.  The first of these is the new Standard Bearer program.

What is a Standard Bearer?

Standard Bearers are individuals that will champion and promote a specific game system, or hobby niche.  A Standard Bearer is someone that will help us plan and run gaming events in the store.  They will be one of our main conduits to that game’s community at Black Knight Games.  Through our Standard Bearers we hope to learn more about what events the customers would like us to run, as well as what the general community attitude is.  This will hopefully allow us to run more and better gaming events, and make sure that the needs of each section of our hobby community is taken care of.  In addition to this Standard Bearers will be made available to new players wishing to learn the game/system.

What is Required of a Standard Bearer?

The most important thing for a Standard Bearer to have is enthusiasm for the game system they want to champion.  A Standard Bearer should be the type of person that loves teaching new players, and loves playing the game themselves.  Standard Bearers should have a desire to plan and run events as well, and a willingness to work together with the Black Knight Games staff and management to pull off successfully planned, promoted and run events.  Standard Bearers should have a strong knowledge of the game that they represent.  There is no minimum or maximum time commitment, rather we want to see the Standard Bearers continue to contribute and participate in our gaming community.  If a Standard Bearer is found to not be contributing, or to be contributing negatively, the Staff at BKG reserve the right to remove them from the Standard Bearer program.

What Does a Standard Bearer Get?

We will not list publicly the exact reward system for Standard Bearers, however we can announce the basics.  Standard Bearers will be rewarded with store credit for any events that they participate in running or planning, based on the level of effort required for the event.  Standard Bearers will also receive a discount on the game system that they represent.  Standard Bearers will be given a email address, which they should check regularly (or have forwarded to their own email).  This email address will be accessible by the gaming community as a way for customers to request games demonstrations, ask rules or event questions etc.  Standard Bearers will also be given a BKG Standard Bearer T-Shirt to be worn when they are running events.

Looking For Standard Bearers NOW!

This is a brand new program, so we are beginning our search for Standard Bearers immediately!  We are specifically looking for one or more Standard Bearers for:

  • Warhammer 40,000
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • Warmachine & Hordes
  • Flames of War
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Major RPGs (ex. Dungeons & Dragons 4.0, Pathfinder, Warhammer 40K Roleplay etc.)
  • Other games that we sell at BKG (ex. Malifaux, Dystopian Wars, Yu-Gi-Oh, Kings of War, L5R etc.)
  • Hobby/Gaming Niches (ex. Painting, Terrain Making, Converting, Board Gaming)

How to Apply

If you believe that you are the type of person that would be a great representative of your favorite game system please apply!  Applicants should send us a page on why they would like to be a Standard Bearer, what they believe makes them a good candidate for the position, as well as a little bit about their own personal involvement and experience in the hobby.  If we believe that you would fit in well we will meet with you for a face to face meeting just to confirm that we are all on the same page.  Please note that we are looking to fill these positions with people that we truly feel will be a benefit to the growth of our gaming community, and will only fill these positions if we wind the right person.

You can drop the page off, or email it in to

Call to Arms: Warmachine & Hordes Update

The Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms event is now in full swing!  So far twenty-six people have registered, but more are welcome to join in!  We have updated the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms webpage, so check out the competition, and read about their progress.  For those participating don’t forget to email us your first journal entry!

The victory pool has grown to $520.00, so Black Knight Games will be shelling out a lot of prizes to the participants at the end of this one, will you be among them?

Changes coming to Knightly Orders

The goal of our Knightly Orders system was to provide you, our loyal customers, with the ability to schedule and run events, get rewarded for participating, as well as to create a way for us to hold more events, and more varied events, than we ourselves are able to personally plan and run.  The idea was that by setting up a system where groups of our customers could get together and plan or run an event that we would be able to offer more events for you to attend and also give you the ability to share your favorite games, or hobby niches with others.  I maintain that the idea is a great one, however we have not had the response to this system that I was hoping for.  We have had many groups register a Knightly Order, however most of these didn’t get much past this stage.  We did get a few Knightly Orders claim renown points by teaching new players, running a regular game night, or even in a couple instances schedule events, some more successful then others.  To those that participated in this new program, and dove right in with everything you had, I thank you.  It is because of customers like you that we created this program to begin with.

There has, however, not been enough participation to justify the amount of work that has to go in to the program to keep it going.  So we are going to be making some major changes to the way we run it.  As of today we will not be sanctioning any more Knightly Order events, or accepting renown points apart from events that have already been planned.  If you have a future event planned please talk with us and we will make sure that it goes ahead as planned.  Any renown that has been earned by those orders that have been participating will be rewarded fairly.

Why did the Knightly Orders system fail to grow and expand the way we had hoped?  That is a hard question, I believe that it had a few inherent flaws.  One thing we found was that all of the orders that did participate enthusiastically were mainly driven by an individual that did most of the work.  They had additional members to make them legitimate, however it was mostly a specific person that made them succeed.  Another problem was that even those that were trying to use the system weren’t always successful, mostly due to inexperience in promoting and running an event.  We at BKG weren’t all that clear on how to run an event, and while were were willing to help, we were rarely asked for it.  Couple these issues with a system that was fairly complicated, perhaps too complex, and we have a failed experiment.  But that is okay, it is better to try to be new and innovative then to stay stagnant.  That all being said we have a new plan to move forward and achieve the goals we set out to achieve with the Knightly Orders, using the lessons we have learned from this experiment.

The New Plan

Knightly Order will no longer be a group of individuals registering together to run events.  It will be split in to two new programs: Standard Bearers, and the Stronghold Leaderboard.

Standard Bearers

Standard Bearers will be individuals that are tasked with promoting and running a specific game system.  They will apply for the position and will have to go through an interview process.  Standard Bearers will be rewarded with several perks for their efforts, a discount on their game system among others.  Standard Bearers will work closely with the BKG staff to plan, promote and run evens like leagues, campaigns and tournaments.  Standard Bearers are also available to teach new players how to play, and they can be contacted through their own Black Knight Games email address by customers looking to plan a demonstration game, or tutorial.

Stronghold Leaderboard

The Stronghold Leaderboards will be a collection of leaderboards for different game systems.  Each leaderboard will last a certain amount of time like a season in sports, usually about a year.  During that time there will be several different event types, all of which will earn participants points towards the leaderboard.  At the end of the season the players at the top of the leaderboard will be declared the winners, and will receive prizes based on their final position, as well as a spot in the Hall of Champions with a plaque.  All Stronghold Members are eligible to register for each season of the leaderboards.

We hope that these changes will make it easier for those wishing to run events to do so, and for those wishing for rewards for participation and competitive play to gain them.  All in all these changes should make for an easier and more accessible store program, we hope you enjoy them!

~The Black Knight

Looking for Standard Bearers!

If you are interested in becoming a Standard Bearer for one of the games we play here you can submit your application in person, or by email at .  We don’t need a normal resume, however a page explaining your experience with the game in question, as well as why you think you would be great for teaching it to others and running events, would go a long way to us giving you the position.  So if you think you’re right for it apply now!!!

Call to Arms: Warmachine & Hordes

The next big Call to Arms event begins today!  Many have already signed up for the Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms event.  For full details go to the new Warmachine & Hordes Call to Arms page, but in short this is a army building league.  Participants sign up, get some new minis for their new army, which they get a bit of a deal on.  Then they have two months to try and complete the army.  We put $20 per person into a Victory Pool, and anyone that finishes their army on time gets to split the pool!  We also have an area where participants must post some updates on their army, which means that everyone can follow their progress.

These events are definitely the best way to get started on a new army, because simply by starting and finishing an army you will get $40 total worth of free stuff from Black Knight Games, and of course it’s always more fun to do things like this with a group of people.  So sign up now!!!

Seeing Double Saturday

Tomorrow (Saturday) we are running two major events, the Warhammer 40,000 ‘Ard Boyz tournament, and the Magic: the Gathering M12 Game Day tournament.  While normally we would never schedule two such events on the same day, both of these events are nation-wide, and therefor the date is set.  So tomorrow we will have quite the busy day.  As a result both events will have a cap on attendance, and while there are still spots available for both you would be advised to pre-register as soon as possible!  The best way to do so is to call or pop by the store.  Here are the details on tomorrows events:

Warhammer 40,000 ‘Ard Boyz Tournament

Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm

Entry Fee: FREE!

Points Limit: 2500pts

Attendance Cap: 14 players

This is the big, once a year, qualifying event that GW runs.  The top three players get invites to the Regionals, which are conveniently being run by Black Knight Games, so you know you’ll be able to make it!  Prizes are supplied by GW, and additional info can be found on the Games Workshop ‘Ard Boyz website.

Magic: the Gathering Core 2010 Game Day

Time: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

Entry Fee: $15.00 ($12.00 for Stronghold Members)

Format: Standard

Attendance Cap: 14 players

This is the first official Standard event for the M12 Core set.  Like the pre-release, and launch party, there will be fun prizes, and special edition promo cards to be distributed to everyone.  Check out the Wizards of the Coast website for more info.

Back from GenCon!

Well my week-long excursion to GenCon 2011 in Indianapolis has come to an end.  This was the first time I attended GenCon Indy, and I was blown away by the size of it.  Over 30,000 people attended the four-day gaming Mecca, and over 8,600 events took place.  I myself took advantage of several demonstrations, and learned a dozen new games.  I also was in attendance at several seminars for gaming retailers, including a seminar by Fantasy Flight where they announced Decent: Second Edition for the first time ever!  I got to try out the new Magic: the Gathering Mini Masters format, which was a great time.  You can try it at the upcoming Magic Celebration event at Black Knight Games.  There were hundreds of exhibitor booths where you could try out new games, buy gaming gear, talk to artists and authors, buy costumes and weapons, get limited edition, or pre-release items and all kinds of other stuff.

Four days was not enough to take in everything, and even though my time was spent fairly well I came nowhere near doing everything I wished to do.  I was thoroughly impressed, and encourage anyone to go out an attend the biggest gaming event in North America next year if you can.  Indianapolis is a long way from here, but the trip was certainly worth it!

Now that I am back there is work to do.  We have had very minimal re-stocks, or internet updates in the past week.  We have to update the end of the Malifaux Call to Arms, and give out more info on the new Warmachine Call to Arms that begins this weekend.  And there is a ton of new releases to get on to our shop floor.  So stay tuned as I attempt to catch up from the best four days in gaming, at GenCon 2011!

~The Black Knight