August Calendar

The August Calendar is up for your perusal!

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We will have photocopies of the Calendar available in the store soon to take home.  Also this Calendar may be accessed along with the July Calendar (until the end of the month) by clicking on the Calendar tab above.

40K Doubles Tomorrow at 10am!

The Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament is tomorrow!  This quick announcement is to make sure that all players are on the same page, because we made an error on the start time in the events section of the website.  The Events page mistakenly said 12pm as the start time, however the actual start time is 10am.  Our calendar and other areas stated the correct time of 10am, it was just a typo on the events page.

So please make sure you show up at 10am if you are participating in this event, and if you have any friends coming make sure that they too know that the real start time is 10am, not noon.

We apologize for any confusion, and hope that everyone shows up at the proper time!

~The Black Knight

Call to Arms: Malifaux (Updated)

The Call to Arms event for Malifaux is in full swing, and an impressive seventeen participants are now painting feverishly (or at least they should be!) to get their new forces done.  There is still nearly three weeks left until the deadline, so if you are interested in joining in there is certainly still enough time!  A very interesting note is that out of the seventeen individuals participating, not a single one has chosen either Guard or Resurectionists as their faction.  So if you’re looking for something unique to play, those would be an excellent option.

Now that the Call to Arms: Malifaux event page has been updated you can follow the progress of each participant as they try and build an army from scratch with a deadline.  Participants, don’t forget to submit your journal entries along the way as well.  Now would be an excellent time to submit one to let everyone know what you are working on, and what your game-plan is!

Good luck to all of the participants.  I myself am not joining in on this one as I have another painting project that I am working one, however Black Knight Games will be represented well with both Rob and Chris throwing their hats in the ring!  To the winners go the spoils!

~The Black Knight

Knightly Orders (Update)

The first month of Knightly Orders has passed, so this is the very first update!  We will do a monthly update on the Knightly Orders where we will list Quest Achievements, Upcoming Knightly Order Events, and any changes in activation.

Newly Active:

There were two Knightly Orders that fulfilled the requirements to become active in July: the Poor Man’s Fellowship of Gaming, and the Elder Highlanders.  The Poor Man’s Fellowship barely edged out the Elder Highlanders to claim the first Quest ever: ‘First Among Equals’ which is granted to the order that gains the most renown over the course of a month.  Congrats to both of these orders for diving in with both feet to gain early prominence.

Awaiting Activation:

This is a new system, but we have many order that are awaiting activation, ten to be exact.  Now a lot of these order could certainly have earned enough renown in June to be active by now.  Remember that it is completely up to the members of an order to let us know when you have earned renown.  You get renown for being a Stronghold Member, for joining our forums, for playing in tournaments, demonstrating your games etc.  So make sure you aren’t letting valuable renown go to waste!  You don’t need to fill out a form, or submit it by email, just go up to the staff or call in and say “I earned this renown”.  Get your members to report every time, and you will be active and rolling in rewards in no time!

Upcoming Events:

We have several Knightly Order-run events coming up, so be sure to check them out!:

MTG: EDH Gaming Night: Play EDH (Commander) on Mondays & Thursdays in a fun and casual atmosphere, starting at 4:30pm. (Run by: Elder Highlanders)

Miniature Gaming: Bitz Bazaar: Looking for a specific bit, or item that is discontinued? Come one come all to the Bitz Bazaar and you never know what you’ll find! Come sell, buy or trade your wares. For best results sellers should ensure items are clearly marked. Be sure to bring cash and bitz-o-plenty for wheelin’ and dealin’.  Sunday, July 17th at 12pm (Run by: Dead Men Walking)

Miniature Painting: Painting Deathmatch: Painting Competition: Categories include Single Model, Regiment (3-30 models), Vehicle, Monstrous Creature. Minimum 3 colours, entries must have finished bases (if based). 1 Entry per person per category.  Registration Begins July 1st, Deadline is Sunday, July 21st at 1pm. (Run by: Dead Men Walking)

Terrain Making: If You Build it, They Will Come: Terrain Building Competition: Buildings. Buildings may be ruined or not with height limitations of 12″, and a base size of no more then 8″ x 8″.  Registration Begins July 1st, Deadline is Sunday, July 21st at 1pm. (Run by: Dead Men Walking)