Update: Call to Arms’ WFB & Malifaux

This is an update on our current, and next Call to Arms events.

Call to Arms 2011: Warhammer is over this coming Sunday.  So far we only have one participant that has completed their army.  Everyone else has not yet submitted a second journal entry.  So if you are participating in this Call to Arms event make sure to send us an update, and power through the army and get it done!  There is a $375.00 victory pool to be split by anyone that finishes, which means that unless some other participants join Darryl in a victory lab he will be single-handedly taking how the entire prize!  So if ever you needed motivation to finish painting a project, here it is.  Check out the updated website here.

Registration has now begun for Call to Arms 2011: Malifaux.  We already have nine participants registered, and several more have expressed interest.  This one is the easiest Call to Arms event we have ever done.  A typical Malifaux force at 35 points (the goal) is between 6-10 models.  Who can’t finish 10 models in a month?  Malifaux is a new game that is already bursting with popularity and potential at Black Knight Games.  Don’t know how to play?  No problem, we already have a Knightly Order that is more then happy to teach new players the game.  Ask staff for details, and check out the website here.

Price Reduction: Flames of War & Gale Force 9


We have made a price adjustment to the prices for all of our products distributed by Battlefront Miniatures, which includes everything from Flames of War, Flames of War: Vietnam, Battlefield in a Box, as well as the Gale Force 9 hobby supplies like the flock tubs, GF9 tools and templates.  This price adjustment is the good kind: a price decrease!  We will now use the standard US price structure, rather then using inflated Canadian prices.  This has been made possible by the strong Canadian dollar, and the way that it has been consistently competitive with the American dollar over the past year or more (Way to go Canada!!!).

This has resulted in a substantial price drop on many items.  For example items that have been $13.99 are now more like $11.99.  We also dropped any prices that weren’t an even dollar ($12.50 for example) down to the next dollar amount (so in the case of the $12.50 items, they would be $11.99).

Hopefully you the customer are happy with this change!  And please note that we will be evaluating all of our pricing structures over the next month or two, so I expect other areas where we believe we can afford to offer better prices to improve as well!

~The Black Knight

Event: 40K Munitorum I (Results)

Everyone’s first shot at the new Munitorum Series was last weekend, with Munitorum I: Lasgun!  The defending champ Andrew got off to a great start in defending his title, by winning Best Overall!  We, once again, had a great turnout as our 40K tournaments always seem to fill up, including several first-timers!  Here are the winners:

Best Overall: Andrew Simms (Orks)

Best General: Mike Kotik (Blood Angels)

Best Presentation: Matt Towes (Chaos Space Marines)

Best Sportsmanship: Dave Bakker (Orks)

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to all of the players that enjoyed the games, the pizza and the competition!  Don’t forget this tournament counted towards the new series, where we add up each person’s top three results (out of a possible 4 tournaments), so if you didn’t get out to the tournament last weekend you still have a chance if you come to the next three!

Here are the overall results:

Anniversary Party Details, Why You Should Come!

The Anniversary Party & Auction are tomorrow!  I just wanted to take a minute to explain how it will all work tomorrow, and to let you know how you can get your bids in even if you are unable to attend the auction itself.

***UPDATED: We have updated the Auction Lots, so check out the full list here***

The Auction

The Auction will be a combo of silent and live auction.  We will be making the auction lots available immediately for the Silent Auction portion.  Every auction lot will have a sheet where you can bid on the item.  Bids must begin at the starting amount, and you may only bid in $1.00 increments.  For the Silent Auction portion you can outbid the leader by writing down your higher bid on the next line of the sheet.  At 4:30 we will begin the live auction, where any sheets that have at least two bids on them will go up for a live-call auction, starting with the highest bidder from the silent portion as the current leading bid.  If an item only has a single bid, or no bids, by the time the Live Auction begins it will not be in the live auction.  The single bid wins, or nobody wins.  So even if you can’t make it in tomorrow you can call or drop by tonight, or tomorrow before the live auction begins  at 4:30pm, and get your bids in!

Click HERE to see the list of Auction Lots, please bear in mind we may add more!

Main Points:

  • Silent Auction starts right now, you may start bidding tonight, or on Saturday before the live Auction.  If you can’t get in feel free to call your bid in!
  • Live Auction Starts at 4:30pm, any items win which multiple people bid will finish off the bidding in the Live Auction.
  • All bids are a commitment to buy, and all sales are final.  Bids may only be in $1.00 increments.

Grab Boxes

When we were going through the items we have available for auction there were many lower-priced items, or items that didn’t really match-up well.  These have been placed in one of three Grab Boxes.  All items in the Grab Boxes will be on sale for only $2, $5 or $10 depending on which box they are in.  First come first serve!!!


Everyone that walks in on Saturday will be given a ballot for our draws.  If you are a Stronghold Member you will be given an additional ballot.  For every $10 you spend on Saturday until 7pm you will be given an additional ballot.  You may place your ballot in your choice of possible prize draws,  The Prize draws are:

Prize Draw #1

Space Hulk: An unopened copy of this limited edition, very popular, re-make of Space Hulk!

Prize Draw #2

Magic: the Gathering Limited Ed Bundle: A From the Vaults: Exiled (extremely Limited Ed) set, and a Fire and Lightning Premium Deck

Prize Draw #3

Gift Card: Not a big fan of the other two prizes?  No problem, you can win a $100 Gift Card at Black Knight Games to buy whatever you’d like!

Cake & Gaming:

At 12:00pm we will have free cake for everyone, as well as a lot of different gaming demonstrations, events and open gaming.

Magic: the Gathering Commander Launch Party

At 6:00pm we will be running a Launch Party event for the new Magic: the Gathering Commander format!  Commander, commonly known as EDH, is a casual multi-player format that was so popular that they made it official.  Entry fee is $35, or $30 for Stronghold Members.  Entry includes a Commander box (a $31.99 value), which you will use to play!  There are some great promo-cards to be won as well so be sure to sign up!

Open Gaming

If Magic isn’t your cup of tea, the rest of the store will be open to play some late night gaming.  We are staying open until 10:00pm, so get some game-time in!!!

Warhammer 40,000 Aquila (Results)

The final tournament from our Warhammer 40,000 Aquila Series occurred a couple of weeks ago.  Like always we had a great turn-out for the event, and there was some great competition.  At the end of the day there were two champions, the winner of Aquila IV: Titanics, as well as the overall Series Champion!  We’ll start off with the tournament itself.

The winners of the fourth tournament in the Aquila Series, Titanicus, are:

Best Overall: Shayne Hall (Grey Knights)

Best General: Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best Presentation: Ryan King (Orks)

Best Sportsman: Ben Warburton (Tyranids)

On to the winner of the entire series.  Each player’s series score is calculated by adding up their points earned through their top three tournament finishes, out of a possible four tournaments in the series.  So if you played in four we drop your top result, if you played in three or less it is the total of all your tournaments.  So the top three players in the Aquila Tournament Series are:

1st Place: Andrew Simms

2nd Place: Alex Kirley

3rd Place: Jamie Goddard

Congrats to Andrew Simms the winner of the whole thing!  Andrew will be given a trophy/plaque with his accomplishment on it, as well as have his name immortalized on the Hall of Champions wall plaque in the store.  Well done to Andrew, and Shayne, and a big thank you to everyone that participated in the final tournament, and all the tournaments in the Aquila Tournament Series!

The next tournament series begins right away!  The first tournament in the new Munitorum Tournament Series is in a couple of weeks, on June 25th.  Join in and follow in the footsteps of past champions like Andrew!

Aquila 4: Titanicus Results


Aquila Tournament Series Totals

Black Knight Games Anniversary Party & Auction!!!

We will have a full, Anniversary Party page made up at some point tomorrow, but just so everyone has an idea of what will be happening at our biggest event of the year this weekend, here is the schedule:

10:00am – Store is Open for Business

12:00pm – Anniversary festivities begin (festivities will include games, sales, draws, intro-games, cake etc.)

4:00pm – Auction (At the auction we unload all kinds of items to the highest bidder.  Items as the auction will range across pretty much every game system we sell.  The auction format will be a silent-live hybrid.  Basically we will have the items on display, and will have a half-hour silent auction.  Then, at the end of the silent portion, any item with at least two bids on it will go be auctioned off live starting off with the highest bid from the silent portion)

6:00pm – Magic: the Gathering Commander Launch Party (we will be running a fully sanctioned launch party for the extremely popular commander/EDH format that is brand new this week!)

6:00pm – Late Night Open Gaming (if you’re not playing in the commander launch party, you can take advantage of our Anniversary extended hours and play whatever you want until 10!)

10:00pm – Closed (We have extended our closing hours by four hours to close at ten!)

Our Anniversary Party will be full of great stuff for you to do, and it is always one of our most popular events.  So see you there!!!

Attention Knightly Orders!!!: If you are interested in running an event, or demonstration at the party please let us know.  We will be running lots of stations, games and demonstrations from 12pm-4pm, and we’d love for you to be a part of it.

Forum is back up and running.

Hey guys quick message to let you know that the forum is back up and running.  We apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused during this maintenance period (and by maintenance we mean period when the forum was down because Jay thought he knew more about internet code then he actually does…).

So we are back up and running again, so go!  What are you waiting for?  Get on the forums and talk about the latest rumor, idea for a Knightly Order, or disturbing internet meme!

Call to Arms: Malifaux Announced!


The next Call to Arms has been announced!  For this one we will be delving in to the strange world of Malifaux, by Wyrd Games.  Malifaux is a newer game here at Black Knight Games, and there have been a lot of people interested in giving it at try, well here is the perfect opportunity!

Malifaux is set in a very interesting universe, one that combines elements of steam-punk, horror, western, weird-science and many other themes into one fun game.

Unlike the first two Call to Arms events that we did (Warhammer & Warhammer 40,000) Malifaux is a skirmish-size game, meaning you can play a game with as little as five to ten miniatures.  Because of this we have reduced the entry fee, and time-limit.  So rather then being $150 to enter like the past two, Call to Arms: Malifaux will only cost $50.  And, rather then getting two months to finish the army, you will only get one.

We will still have the other elements of Call to Arms that everyone else enjoyed, like the status update website, the victory-pool for winners to split, the discounted start-up (you get $60 worth or stuff for your $50 entry fee), and the tournament at the finale.

Registration will begin on Monday, June 20th so be sure to get involved and give this fresh new game a try!  For full rules check out the Call to Arms: Malifaux website!

And, if you are curious about the Call to Arms event that will follow up Malifaux here is a sneak-peak.

Follow Black Knight Games on Twitter

Black Knight Games will now be using twitter to get you the most up to date info about what is going on here, both in the store, and on our website.

If you would like to follow our twitter feed our username is @bkgames

We have also added a twitter feed to the sidebar of this, our homepage.  In the feed you will find the latest tweets by us, and our followers’ responses!

So, follow us today, and stay informed!

Open Mondays!

Now that we are in summer mode Black Knight Games will once again be open all week long!  No longer will you have to stare disappointed at a ‘Closed’ sign on Mondays…well at least not until the school year.

Our Monday hours will match those of the rest of the week, 12pm – 9pm.  They are in effect immediately (it’s Monday as I am writing this and we are open!).

There will not be a specifically scheduled Game Night on Mondays, rather it will be ‘open gaming,’ making it the perfect time to schedule a league-night for your Knightly Order!

Enjoy your summer of gaming!