Finecast Now On Sale & Price Increased Delayed at BKG

The Games Workshop resin finecast range is now available at Black Knight Games, both in the store and on our online store.  The quality of the miniatures is great and they are now in excellent packaging as well, far better the the old blisters.  If you are interested in any finecast miniatures, be sure to grab them up quickly as the first few months will see a very limited supply, in fact most of the miniatures are already sold out for the month of June.  Black Knight Games will be carrying almost 90 of the 113 miniatures in the finecast range, and we can certainly special order any of the others in for you.

The Games Workshop price increase also is now in effect, however we at Black Knight Games will be delaying the increase until July, so you still have a month to enjoy the old prices!

Coming Soon: Knightly Orders!!!

Stay tuned in for more info on a major new program we will be running at Black Knight Games.  Knightly Orders will give you, our valued customers, the power to create your own store events, gaming groups, rewards for gaming, and for teaching new gamers, and much much more.  We are very excited about this at Black Knight Games, and think that you will love this new program.

More information to come on how you can establish your very own Knightly Order, and all of the great perks that comes with doing so coming later this week!


~The Black Knight

Event: WFB Revolution 4 – Anarchy (Results)

The final tournament in the Warhammer Revolution Tournament Series is in the books!  Thank you to our participants in this tournament, and the other three in the Revolution series.  Here are the winners of last weekend’s tournament:

Best Overall: Ron McCallum (Warriors of Chaos)

Best General: Marc Chabot (Dwarfs)

Best Presentation: Sean Minty (Vampire Counts)

Best Sportsmanship: Jason Beldman (Tomb Kings)

Here are the overall standings for the Revolution IV: Anarchy tournament:

As to the winner of the series as a whole, we calculated the total score for each player based on their top three tournament performances.  And the winner is: Marc Chabot!  Congratulations Marc, your name will be placed on our plaque of tournament champions and we will prepare a special plaque for you to take home commemorating your victory!

Below are the overall standings for the entire series:

The next tournament series for Warhammer begins in July, it will be called the ‘Battlezone Tournament Series’ and it will have an interesting twist.  Each tournament in the series will be set in a specific area of the world, and the scenarios will reflect the ‘battlezone’ that each tournament is set in.  So be sure to check it out on out events page!

Call to Arms Update

Call to Arms is in full swing, and the fifteen participants are almost half-way through the alloted time.  We have just posted a big update on the Call to Arms page, so be sure to check out the progress of everyone’s armies as they aim at completing a 1250 point Warhammer army in two months!  If you are interested in joining you certainly still can, however you will have the same deadline as everyone else.  Good luck everyone!

For any Call to Arms participants that have not submitted a journal entry don’t forget that in order to qualify for the prize you must submit a minimum of two updates!

GW Moves to Resin & Prices Adjust

Games Workshop have officially announced their move from metal to resin.  The Games Workshop ‘Fine Cast’ range will debut with 113 items that were formally metal, newly made in a resin/resin-hybrid material.  At about the same time there will be a price increase on a selection of other items in the GW range, most notably the Assault on Black Reach set, which will move up to par with the Island of Blood set at $118.99.

What you need to know:

  • The Fine Cast range will debut on May 28th, you may pre-order them now!
  • The price increase also goes in to effect on May 28th.
  • The first wave of Fine Cast miniatures includes about one third of the current metal range.  All other metal miniatures will be moving to Direct Sales, so we will not carry them in store, however we can still order most of them in for you by special order.
  • GW has not announced whether they will, or won’t, be doing the entire range eventually in Fine Cast.  In my opinion they will certainly do so, but it will likely be in waves, with this initial release as wave #1.  This is supported by the fact that many of the metals that are not in the initial wave of Fine Cast, are themselves sold out already, and they have moved all remaining metals to direct.
  • The prices of the new Fine Cast miniatures will reflect the price increase that is being applied to parts of the GW range.
  • Resin as a material, for those unfamiliar with it, is much lighter, holds detail better, is easily cut (so better for conversions).  However depending on the resin mixture used (and by all accounts GW will be using a very high quality mixture) resin can be brittle, and may need cleaning before painting.  Be careful when filing resin, as its dust, like the dust from plastic, is not good to inhale.  Overall though resin can be a great material, and we are seeing more and more companies moving to resin as a material over metal.
  • The New Fine Cast miniatures will be packaged in clam-packs (like those used by Privateer Press), not in blister-packs.  These clam-packs will feature nice looking art on them.
  • The initial release of miniatures will be very limited.  No store will be able to get more then three copies of a miniature, if that, until the supply grows.  As a result we will be operating on a first-come, first serve basis, and will not be able to guarantee the supply for the next few months.  We will, of course, do our best to accommodate our customers!
  • Any metal miniatures that are being replaced by Fine Cast that we currently have in the store will be 25% OFF while supplies last!
  • Black Knight Games will hold our current prices for an extra month after the price-increase has set in to give you some time to get the items before the go up in price!  So for those of you shopping at Black Knight Games you will not see the price increase until June 28th!
  • If you would like to see the full list of items moving to Fine Cast, or the items scheduled to go up in price you may do so by dropping by the shop!

Event: New Phyrexia Launch Party (Results)

New Phyrexia is now available to buy, so be sure to check out the set!

With the release came the Launch Party, which had another great turnout.  Congrats to everyone that won prizes and draws, and thank you to everyone that attended the Launch and the Pre-Releases, making the release of New Phyrexia such a success.

The winners of the Launch Party were:

1st: Kyle Duncan

2nd: Mike Alfano

3rd: Dane Broomfield

Here are the overall results:

Event: MTG New Phyrexia Pre-Releases (Results)

Our New Pyrexia pre-release tournaments have concluded, and once again we set a record for participation!  Our 40 player tournament on Saturday was the single largest tournament we have ever run at Black Knight Games.  In total fifty players participated over the weekend, and we gave away over 120 booster packs, eight playmats and a pile of promotional cards.  If you missed out on the fun, we are having another New Phyrexia sealed deck event this Saturday, May 14th for the Launch, and there will be another great promo you can get your hands on.  Here were the winners from the weekend’s tournaments:

Pre-Release #1 (Saturday, out of 40 participants)

1st: Aaron Stross

2nd:Mike Vance

3rd: Stephen Wynn-Williams

Pre-Release #2 (Sunday, out of 10 participants)

1st: Ron Boyko

2nd: Bradley McCann

3rd: Dalton Nash

Here are the overall standings for both tournaments:

New Phyrexia Pre-Release #1, Sat May 7th

New Phyrexia Pre-Release #2, Sun May 8th