Webstore Now Online!

We are very happy and proud to announce that after an extremely long process, filled with tweaks, adjustments, overhauls, re-dos, last-minute changes, delays and postponements the Black Knight Games Online Store is now operational!

The address is: shop.blackknightgames.ca

You can find the online store by clicking the Online Store tab at the top of the page, and once on the online store you can re-access this website (the local website) by clicking on the Local Store tab at the top of that page.

Our online store will sell nearly everything we sell in our store, over 3000 items in total!  The prices online will match those of our retail location too, so you will usually get the same deal either way.  Shipping costs on our store are very competitive as well, with a $4.99 flat shipping cost within Ontario, and only $6.99 Canada-wide!

You will be able to see what is in stock on the online store as well, and you can pre-order upcoming releases too!

So check out Black Knight Games Online, and get a special welcome discount!

Event: 40K Mini Tournament (Results)

***UPDATE: We have made a mistake in the results calculation.  A win was recorded from the wrong side, and after a re-calculation Mike Fleet should have had 91pts, which puts him up in the Best Overall position.  So Frank and Mike will share the best overall title, and will both be rewarded with matching prizes.  Sorry about the confusion!***

With another great 40K tournament in the books once again we honour our champions.

Best Overall: Frank Woodhall (Blood Angels) & Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best General: Ben Warburton (Tyranids)

Best Presentation: Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best Sportsman: Brent Grice (Eldar)

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone that attended making this such a great event!

Our next 40k tournament will be on Saturday, May 28th at 10am, and will be the final tournament in the Aquila series.  It is 2500pts, and it’s your last chance to capture the title of Series Champion!

Here are the overall standings for this weekend’s tournament:

Holiday Weekend Hours

We will be closed on Friday, April 22nd, as well as Monday, April 25th for the holiday long weekend.

Our Calendar says that we are open on Friday, however this was a mistake.  Our apologies for any confusion this might cause.  The magic tournament originally scheduled on this day has been canceled.  We will continue with the scheduled tournaments next Friday, the 29th, with the Draft tournament.

Please note that we are open on Easter Sunday, we are instead closed on the Monday (as usual).

Enjoy your long weekend!

~The Black Knight

Server Issues

***UPDATE: Things are back to running again. It is possible that early Monday we will have another hiccup or two while we launch the online store. Thank you for your patience***

I just wanted to take a minute to apologize for the issues we are having with our website this weekend.  We are in the process of launching our brand new online store, which will be live on Monday or Tuesday.  Unfortunately this has resulted in a temporary loss of some of our other areas, including the forum and calendar.  We are sorry about this, and assure you that it is temporary, and should be resolved early Monday, when the technical guys get back to work.

The only event that is this weekend is:


Warhammer ‘Ard Boyz tournament

When: Saturday April 15th, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Pts: 3000pts

Entry Fee: FREE!

Participants will have the opportunity to earn a spot in the regional tournament later this year, and the top three winners will get store credit!  Not bad for a free tournament!  See you there!!!

There is also a possibility that you might come across a link to the new web store during this transition.  If you do, please remember that we haven’t launched it yet, so while it is online and accessible, it is not yet 100% active.  We still have a major update to do, and still need to run a few last tests to make sure it is functioning properly.  Therefor please do not order anything from it (YET! – Please do try it out in a day or two once it has been official launched!).

Thank you very much for your understanding!

~The Black Knight

Event: Call to Arms – Warhammer 2011

Following in the very successful footsteps of out Call to Arms: Warhammer 40K army building league, we are proud to announce Call to Arms: Warhammer!

Call to Arms is an army building league where participants all start a new army at the same time, and try and get it finished by a deadline two months later.  Participants get a deal on some product to start the army off, and anyone that completes the army by the deadline will earn a reward.  We also keep a project journal that the participants get to use to keep everyone updated on their progress.

In our last Call to Arms we had 27 people register, and 18 of them completed their task, and were eligible for the reward and for the free tournament on the deadline day.

So if you need that little bit of motivation to get your army done, or if you like getting $50 or more in rewards for doing your hobby sign up today!!!

Video: Painting Basics – How to Wash

Our first painting tutorial is now on YouTube.  ‘How to Paint: The Basics – How to Wash’ is the first in our basic painting techniques tutorials.  We will also be creating videos for two other painting tutorial themes: How to Paint: Better, and How to Paint: Faster.
In this video I go over the fundamentals of using washes on your models, as well as some other good uses and tips.

Look for more videos in the near future, both for painting and for other topics as well.

New Releases: Privateer, FoW Vietnam, Abyssal Dwarfs & More

New this week we have several items from Warmachine & Hoards, including a couple of re-sculpts like the Cygnar Arcane Tempest Gun Mages, and the new plastic Charger & Defiler bonejacks.

We also have a new game by Battlefront, a spin off of Flames of War called FoW Vietnam!  The rules for the new game can be found in this month’s Wargames Illustrated, and the first wave of minis is already out with more on the way.  Mantic Games has released their newest army: the evil Abyssal Dwarfs as well.

The is plenty of other fun new stuff too, so check out this week’s new releases:

Cygnar Arcane Tempest Gun Mages (6) – Resculpt Privateer Press $33.99
Cygnar Plastic Charger – Resculpt Privateer Press $18.99
Cryx Revenant Rifleman Privateer Press $5.99
Cryx Plastic Defiler Bonejacks (2) – Resculpt Privateer Press $19.99
Protectorate of Menoth Flameguard Cleanser Officer Privateer Press $14.99
Retribution of Scyrah Dawnguard Destor Thane Privateer Press $28.99
Forbidden Island Gamewright $19.99
Wargames Illustrated Issue #282 Battlefront $9.99
FoW Vietnam US UH-1D Slick Battlefront $25.99
FoW Vietnam US UH-1B Hog Battlefront $25.99
FoW Vietnam US M113 ACAV Scouts Battlefront $54.99
FoW Vietnam US M125/M106 Mortar Platoon Battlefront $54.99
40K: Grey Knights Codex Games Workshop
40K: Grey Knight Marines (5) Games Workshop $38.99
40K: Grey Knight Terminators (5) Games Workshop $59.99
40K: Grey Knight Dreadknight Games Workshop $63.99
40K: Grey Knight Lord Kaldo Draigo Games Workshop $25.99
MERCS Rulebook Mercs Minis
Malifaux Rulebook Wyrd Games $34.99
Kings of War: Dwarf King’s Hold – Dead Rising Mantic Games
MTG: Knights vs. Dragons Dual Decks Wizards of the Coast
Munchkin 7: Cheat with Both Hands Steve Jackson
KoW: Abyssal Dwarfs Army Deal Mantic Games
KoW: Abyssal Dwarf Black Souls (20) Mantic Games $37.99
KoW: Abyssal Dwarfs Decimators (10) Mantic Games $27.99
KoW: Abyssal Dwarfs Immortal Guard (10) Mantic Games $34.99
KoW: Abyssal Dwarfs Katsuchan Launcher (1) Mantic Games $25.99
7 Wonders Asmodee Editions $49.99
40KRP: Rogue Trader Battlefleet Koronus Fantsy Flight Games $41.99
D&D: Heroes of Shadow Wizards of the Coast $33.99

BKG to stock full P3 & Vallejo paints!

Some exciting news for the painters out there: Black Knight Games will now be stocking two great new paint ranges, Vallejo’s Game Colour line, and Privateer Press’ Formula P3 line!  That’s right, we are tripling the number of paint ranges that you can choose from.  Let me tell you a little bit about these new lines.

Vallejo is known as one of, if not the premier miniature paint line.  Vallejo is a Spanish company, and they carry several lines of paints, including Model Air, Panzer Aces, Model Colour and the line that we will be stocking: Game Colour.  Game Colour has a large line of paints that are colour-matched to the Citadel colours that most of you are used to.  This includes a match to older colours like Tentacle Pink or Chestnut Ink.  Vallejo paints are 17ml, so you getting 5ml more in a Vallejo pot then you are in a Citadel one.  The paints are in dropper bottle format, so you can’t paint directly from the pot, but you will find your paints will not dry out nearly at all, and mixing colours is easier since you can use a certain number of drops.  The Vallejo line also has a number of interesting mediums, like metalic medium which makes any colour into a metalic, or gloss medium which turns any colour glossy.  So check out this new line, which should be arriving in about a week’s time.

Formula P3 is the paint range made by Privateer Press, and is the one primarily used by Warmachine & Hordes players.  The nice thing about P3 is that the colours are totally different colour tones then the Citadel ones.  You also get the most paint for your dollar in this range, since these paints will come in at about $4.00, but each pot has 22ml of paint in it!  That’s almost double the content of a Citadel pot, for equal or less money.  P3 has some great paint sets as well for each Warmachine &  Hordes faction.  More paint for your buck & more colour options is what this range will bring us.  This line should be available in a couple of weeks time.

Introducing the Black Knight & Contest

I would like to introduce you to our new cartoon mascot!  We will be using this guy on our website, online store, fliers, ads and even places like T-Shirts!  I’m really happy with how he turned out, so a big thanks goes to Jordan from Digital Henchmen Studios!

We have a good variety of different poses and looks for the new mascot, so keep your eye out for him in the future (we even have him wearing power armour, and dressed like a warcaster).

Now, on to the fun part.  We are going to let you guys name him.  There will be a ‘name the mascot’ contest.  If you think you have a good name you would like to submit please do so, the winner of the contest (based on the name we choose) will win a $20.00 Black Knight Games gift card!

You can submit your names by either emailing us at info@blackknightgames.ca or you can PM me on our forum, username The Black Knight.  Submissions are due by Saturday, April 16th!

Call to Arms Complete!

The great journey is over!  The Call to Arms for Warhammer 40,000 is over, and 18 of the 27 participants were victorious!  Congratulations to them.  They are rewarded with their share of the pool, which comes to $35.50, which means that combined with the $25 in credit they earned for signing up, all of those that finished were rewarded with over $60 in prizes!  Check out the Call to Arms page for full coverage of people’s successes and defeats.

We ended the Call to Arms with a free tournament for the victorious so that everyone would have a chance to try out their new armies.  This was the first tournament that we’ve ever had with 100% fully painted armies!  Here were the winners of the tournament:

Best Overall: Frank Woodhall (Blood Angels)

Best General: Ryan King (Orks)

Best Presentation: Cody Ricketts (Tyranids)

Best Sportsman: Daniel Bricker (Tau)

Here are the overall results of the tournament: