Event: 40K Doubles Tournament (Results)

A big thanks to everyone that came out and made this event the biggest miniatures tournament we’ve ever had!  Thirty-two players, and sixteen teams tried to fight their way to the top.  At the end of the day one team took home the big prize (and a pair of Battleforces!), so congratulations to Ian & Scott of Team Stormraven Craftworld!

Ian & Scott may have won the whole tournament, but others shared some glory as well.  Here are your prize-winners:

Best Overall: Team Stormraven Craftworld (Ian & Scott)

Best General: Team Edward (Matt & Frank)

Best Presentation: WTF 50 Genesteelers! (Greg & Dave)

Best Sportsmanship: F.A.S.T. (Emerson & Brent)

Here are the overall standings:

Warhammer 40K Doubles Tournament Standings

More images from our big event:

Flames of War Tournament

Flames of War has been a game that we have carried at Black Knight Games since the beginning.  But, it’s only recently that our FoW gamer-community has really taken shape.  We have lots of players playing int he shop, we have a great new table in the works, and now our first Flames of War tournament in two years has been scheduled!  Here are the details:

When: Saturday, March 26th, 10:00am
Size: 1250pts (Late War)
Entry Fee: $15.00 ($12 for Stronghold Members). Entry includes Pizza & Drinks.
Prize Support: We will have medals for the winners, as well as $100.00 in product supplied by Battlefront!
Qualifier: This tournament will be a ‘Nationals’ qualifier. This means that as long as we have at least 12 players the winner will have an invite to their choice of Nationals events (Early, Mid or Late War Nationals)!
Ranked Tournament: For anyone interested, this tournament is registered as a Ranked Tournament, so anyone that registers for the Battlefront Ranking system can improve their world-wide rank!

We also plan to have our brand new Flames of War table ready for the event. So all you FoW enthusiasts be sure to sign up, and participate. Because as long as this tourney is a hit we’ll be sure to schedule more!

Warmachine/Hordes Battle Journals are here (finaly!)

The battle journals for the Shattered Grounds leagues of 2011 are finally here!  The first league in the shattered grounds 2011 season, Windless Waste, has already begun.  Battle Journals last for the entire year, and can be picked up at the store for $5.00 each.  This price is basically your entry fee to an entire year of leagues at our shop!  You will also get a commemorative patch for the Windless Wastes league when you get one.  There will be a new patch for each league, and when you combine them they create a single large patch!

Windless Wastes Website
Windless Wastes Map

Event: Warhammer Revolution 3 (Results)

We had a great event today, with another decent attendance. Thanks to everyone that came to the third tournament in our series. After the dust and blood were cleared away these players were found to be the most worthy:

Best Overall: Jason Lucas
Best General: Marc Chabot
Best Presentation: Nick Tannous
Best Sportsmanship: Emil Story

Complete Results Sheet

Call to Arms Update

The victory pool for Call to Arms 2011: 40K has hit an impressive $700.00, that’s 28 participants!!!  So all of those that actually finish their armies by the due date get to split that!  If you are in the league, but haven’t submitted your first journal entry please do so by emailing us at info@blackknightgames.ca.  Check out what the other participants are up to on the Call to Arms 2011: 40K page, and feel free to submit more updates and even pictures if you’d like!

Our new Call to Arms format has really been well received, so keep an eye out for more of these events in the future! [sneak peek].

I’d better get back to my Necrons to claim my part of the loot :).

~The Black Knight

New Releases: Privateer Press, Blood Angels & More

Over the past couple of weeks we have had several great new products arrive, check them out!:

White Dwarf Magazine #373 Games Workshop $9.99
WMH: Cygnar Captain Jonas Murdoch Privateer Press $12.99
WMH: Khador Koldun Kaptin Valachev Privateer Press $11.99
WMH: Menoth Attendant Priest Privateer Press $11.99
WMH: Circle Orboros Tharn Ravager Chieftain Privateer Press $17.99
WMH: Trollbloods Trollkin Skaldi Bonehammer Privateer Press $18.99
WMH: Legion of Everblight Blackfrost Shard Privateer Press $24.99
WMH: Minions Ironback Spitter Hvy Warbeast Privateer Press $38.99
WMH: Mercenaries Ogrun Assault Corps Privateer Press $66.99
WMH: Skorne Tyrant Vorkesh Privateer Press $17.99
Pirate Fluxx Looney Labs
Battlefield Scenics: Winter Turf Army Painter
Wrath of Ashardalon (D&D Boardgame) Wizards of the Coast
WFB Novel: Sword of Vengeance Black Library $10.99
1960: The Making of the President Z-Man Games
Dixit Asmodee $41.99
40K: Space Marine Stormraven Games Workshop $69.99
40K: Blood Angels Furioso Dreadnaught Games Workshop $52.99
40K: Blood Angels Battleforce Games Workshop $119.99
Bolt Action: British Infantry (Plastic) Warlord Games
FoW: Earth & Steel Battlefront $54.99

Event: FNM Feb 18th (Results)

Another Friday Night Magic is in the books, and we have winners to declare. Last nights event was a Booster Draft, which was split in to two pods. Here were the winners:

Pod 1: Stephen Wynn-Williams

Pod 2: Steven Crevar

Thanks to everyone that attended. Next week’s FNM is a Standard tournament. Here are the overall standings for last night’s tournament:

It Begins! Flames of War get’s some love.

Work has begun on our new Flames of War table.  The table is now under construction, and the buildings that we ordered for it have arrived (and there are a lot of them, just look at the gigantic void in my wallet!).  So stay tuned for more on the table!

Also, we have scheduled our first Flames of War tournament in a very long time, on Saturday, March 26th.  It will begin at 10am, and will be 1250pts.  Be sure to attend if you want us to keep our effort to grow the Flames of War community going!

Event: FNM Feb 12th

Another Friday Night Magic is in the books, and we have winners to declare. Last nights event was a Standard event and at the end of the day these were the victorious few:

1st Place: Aaron Stross

2nd Place: Daryl Burrage

3rd Place: Stephen Wynn-Williams

Thanks to everyone that attended. Next week’s FNM is a Booster Draft tournament.  Here are the overall standings for last night’s tournament:

Forum: First Knight Award (December)

I just realized that while we have already announced December’s First Knight on the Forum, we never actually announced it on the main site (here).

So, congratulations to Archaon, our First Knight from the month of December!  Archaon did a great job of adding to the conversation in many different threads on the forum, relating to multiple games.  He made some posts informing our forum users about some new releases & rules.  Overall, Archaon was the member of the forum that added the most to the conversation over the month.  He has been rewarded with a $30.00 credit at Black Knight Games, and will sport the snazzy First Knight logo on his profile until the next First Knight is revealed.

Our last First Knight, Agent Jim, is given an exclusive rank on the forum called ‘Knight of the Round Table’ to let everyone know of his valued service!

We will announce the new First Knight, from the month of January, next week.