New Releases: Privateer & Black Library

We have a bunch of new releases that have arrived over the past week. Loads of new stuff from Privateer Press, some new Black Library books, as well as some others:

White Dwarf Magazine #372 Games Workshop $9.99
No Quarter Magazine #34 Privateer Press $7.49
WMH: Legion/Everblight Annyssa Ryvaal Privateer Press $18.99
WMH: Legion/Everblight Bethayne & Belphagor Privateer Press $33.99
WMH: Trollbloods Trollkin Sluggers (5) Privateer Press $43.99
WMH: Skorne Venator Flayer Cannon Crew Privateer Press $24.99
WMH: Minions Farrow Razorback Crew Privateer Press $23.99
WMH: Minions Ironback Spitter Hvy Warbeast Privateer Press $38.99
WMH: Cryx Deathripper Bonejacks (2 – Plastic) Privateer Press $19.99
WMH: Cygnar Lancer Light Warjack (Plastic) Privateer Press $18.99
WMH: Protectorate/Menoth Revenger LWJ (Plastic) Privateer Press $18.99
40K Novel: The Purging of Kadillus Black Library $14.99
40K Audiobook: Helion Rain Black Library $19.99
WFB Novel: Sword of Vengeance Black Library $10.99
WFB Novel: Thunder & Steel Omnibus Black Library $17.49
Citadel Spray Gun (Re-Stocked) Games Workshop $35.99
Citadel Spray Gun Propellant Games Workshop $9.99
L5R: Dead of Winter Booster Packs Alderac $3.99
L5R: Dead of Winter Decks Alderac $12.99
Yu-Gi-Oh Yusei 3 Duelist Pack Konami $2.99
Angel Green Spray Primer Army Painter $16.99
Lifeboats Z-Man Games $54.99

Event: 40K Aquila II Results

Thanks again to everyone who attended our Warhammer 40,000 tournament.  The Aquila II: Sororitas tournament was the second in the Aquila series, and once again we had a great turnout.  In the end Necrons carried the day, however it was a very very close finish, with only three points separating 1st from 5th!  Here are those that took home the hardware:

Best Overall: Doug Simmons (Necrons)

Best General: Mike Fleet (Space Marines)

Best Presentation: Brad Fox (Imperial Guard)

Best Sport: Craig Simms (Flesh Tearers)

Thanks once again to everyone.  The next tournament in the series is the Aquila III, which comes up on Sat, March 19th.  The next 40K tournament is a doubles tournament, which will be on Sat, February 26th.  And don’t forget to check out the upcoming Call to Arms army building league we will be running, as well as the Mini Leagues league that we are participating in!  So much 40K, so little time!

Check out the current series standings here.

Here are the overall results from the tournament:

Event: FNM Results

With yet another Friday Night Magic in the books we have winners to declare.  Last nights event was a Booster Draft, and at the end of the day these were the victorious few:

1st Place: Derek Pite

2nd Place: Aaron Stross

3rd Place: Andrew Ruschpler

Thanks to everyone that attended.  Next week’s FNM is a Standard tournament, and the winner will get free entry in to their choice of the two Mirrodin Besieged Pre-Releases next weekend (check out the events page for more info).  Here are the overall standings for last night’s tournament:

Event: Call to Arms 2011 (40K)

With a new year comes fresh starts.  We will be running an army building league at Black Knight Games to give you a great way for a fresh start on a new army!  Call To Arms 2011 will be a Warhammer 40,000 Army Building league.  In Call to Arms players begin a brand new army from scratch.  Players begin by getting a nice discount on their start-up units, and anyone that completes the army in the designated time gets to split a pool of store credit!  For more info click here.

Event: Warhammer Doubles Tournament Results

What a great turnout we had for our Warhammer Fantasy Doubles Tournament!  Ten teams of two competed, rolled dice, and ate pizza, and had a great time.  In the end these teams took home the hardware:

Best Overall: Team Velvetta (Lucas & Jason)

Best Generals: 6″ Unbuffed (Marc & Rich)

Best Presentation: Ballz Deep (Tim & Nathan)

Best Sportsmen: Anvil Guard (Greg & Scott)

Thanks to everyone that came out, and made this by far the biggest Warhammer event in over a year!  Our next Warhammer tournament is the third installment of our Revolution Series, Uprising, which will take place at 10am on Sat, February 19th.  Hope to see you all there.  Here are the overall standings for todays’ event:

Event: FNM Results

We had another great turnout for our Friday Night Magic event last night.  After the lightning subsided, and the skeletons were returned to their graves these three were left standing victorious:

1st Place: Bradley McCann

2nd Place: Devon Repington

3rd Place: Stephen Wynn-Williams

Thanks to everyone that turned out, here are the complete standings:

Event: Jack-Marshall 4 Tournament & Series Results

With the final chapter of our first ever Warmachine/Hordes tournament series in the books we have winners to crown!  First we will discuss the Jack-Marshall 4: Behemoth tournament.

We had another solid turnout for the fourth and final tournament in the series, including a few new faces.  At the end of the day these three were crowned champions of the day:

1st Place: Derrick Gibson (Legion of Everblight)

2nd Place: Shayne Hall (Circle Orboros)

3rd Place: Patrick DeBernardi (Protectorate of Menoth)

Best Presentation: Kenneth Siefert

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone that participated in this tournament, as well as the other three in the series.

Now, on to the Series Championship.  For those unfamiliar with how our tournament series’ work we take four tournaments (each one a stand-alone event in its own right) and we total the results from all four.  We use each player’s top 3 tournament results, and the player performing the best throughout the series will be that year’s series champion.

After totaling the results from the four tournaments in the Jack-Marshall series our champion is:

Patrick DeBernardi!

Congratulations Patrick, it was an incredibly close race, and in the end Patrick just edged out Shayne with the tie-breaker.  Definitely one of our closest finishes ever.

Patrick will get his name in the first spot on our Warmachine & Hordes Series Champions wall plaque, as well as a trophy plaque to take home.  Our next Warmachine & Hordes tournament series, the Warcaster Tournament Series, begins in March can you dethrone Patrick?  Here are the overall series standings:

Black Knight Games 2010 Review Survey

We have created a survey to see what you, our loyal customers, thought about Black Knight Games in 2010.  Please take a moment to fill out the survey, and give us some insight about what we did right, and what we did wrong last year.

Hopefully you enjoyed being a part of the BKG community last year, and with your advice we can make sure that 2011 is even better

Take the Black Knight Games 2010 Review Survey

Thank you very much for your input!

~The Black Knight

Looking for a Squire

Now that the holidays are over, and our two holiday squires are back off to school we are looking for another squire volunteer to come in once a week for a three hour shift to help out doing odd jobs around the store.  Squires help out with cleaning, inventory and store projects like tables, terrain, painting demo miniatures or managing the Magic: the Gathering binders.

Squires are not employees, but are volunteers that are rewarded with store credit.  Squires have control over when they’d like to come in, they just let us know which day(s) work for them!

If you’re interested in becoming a Squire let us know.  You can log on to the Forum and PM ‘The Black Knight’ , or talk to Jay at the shop.

And the Winners Are…

Holiday Draws

Over the holidays part of our Holiday Bundle Deals was handing our ballots for four great prizes.  Now that December is over, we can now declare the winners!

Draw #1: Board Game of your Choice
Congratulations Justin Hart!

Draw #2: Magic the Gathering Bundle
Congratulations Cody Ricketts!

Draw #3: White Dwarf 1 Year Subscription
Congratulations Mandy Sockett!

Draw #4: $50.00 Black Knight Games Gift Card
Congratulations Brayden Goehner!

Thanks to everyone that did their holiday shopping at Black Knight Games, and congratulations to the winners!