January Calendar

The new calendar is finally complete!  Sorry for the delay, normally we will try and have this to you much earlier in the month.  You can access the most recent Calendar any time by clicking on the Calendar tab at the top of the page, and you can access other relevant calendars that we may have available from the Events page.

Restocks Coming

I just wanted to take a second to let everyone know what’s going on with our re-stocks.  We have sold out of a lot of things recently, because of the Christmas rush, as well as our very successful Boxing Day Sale.  In fact our stock levels are probably as low as I can remember them!  But fear not we have full re-stocks of pretty much EVERYTHING coming in soon.  By the end of the week we hope to be back up to a regular level.

The reason for our not getting re-stocked until later in the week is that almost every one of our distributors has been closed since the 24th (many of them are still on holidays!).

Sorry for any inconvenience!

Boxing Day Sale

We are having a Boxing Day sale!

Come in on Sunday, December 26th to take advantage of an additional 10% Discount on all store product!  Any questions?

Does the discount apply to items that are already on sale?


Does the discount go on top of my Stronghold Rewards discount?


Does the discount apply to Magic: the Gathering singles, or snacks and drinks?

YE…No, sorry you have found the loophole.  Magic singles, event entry fees & snacks and drinks are the only items in the store that are regular price.  But that still leaves over 3000 items that you can get a great deal on, so come on in this Boxing Day, use those gift cards you got over the holidays and save!

Happy Holidays

New Releases: Privateer & RPGs

Some new arrivals came in the past couple of days, check them out:

Other Game Systems

Minions Dr. Arkadius $11.99 D&D Master Tile Set: The Wilderness $23.99
Minions Bull Snapper Light Warbeast $18.99 WFRP: Game Master’s Guide $39.99
Cygnar Trenchers Unit (10) $53.99 WFRP: Game Master’s Vault $31.99
Circle Orboros Reeve Hunter $12.99 WFRP: Player’s Guide $49.99
Legion of Everblight Bayal, Hound of Everblight $11.99 WFRP: Player’s Vault $39.99
40KRP: Rogue Trader Into the Storm $49.99
Carcassonne Big Box $74.99

Just as a quick add on, we have restocked a few of the Magic: the Gathering Fire & Lightning premium decks, and have a few Elspeth vs. Tezzeret Dual Decks remaining as well.

Forum: First Knight Award (November)

As mentioned previously we have decided to award a prize to the forum member we deem to have contributed the most to the forum dialogue, and the strengthening of the Round Table community.  This person will be declared the ‘First Knight’ and will carry the title for the following month, until a new First Knight is declared.  This person will get a $30.00 Black Knight Games gift card, as well as a special badge in their forum profile for the month.

We have our first winner, and that person is: Agent Jim!  Agent Jim has been doing a great job of promoting Flames of War on the forum, as well as adding to other discussions as well.  Agent Jim has set up a campaign, and rallied lots of players to the banner of a game that was previously fairly quiet.  As a result you can now see Flames of War being played regularly in the store, and the Flames of War discussion on the forum is one of the most active.  So congrats to Agent Jim, and thanks from the staff at BKG and the members of the round table!

Event: 40K Mini Tournament Results

A big thanks to all sixteen players that participated today!  When the dust settled and the final missile had been burst we were left with these victorious combatants:

Best Overall: Matt Toews (2nd: Dan Gillman, 3rd: Matt Marsh)

Best General: Dan Gillman (2nd: Matt Toews, 3rd: Frank Woodhall)

Best Presentation: Matt Toews (2nd: Dan Gillman, 3rd: Crad Fox)

Best Sportsmanship: Brad Fox (2nd: Dan Gillman, 3rd: Andrew Swanson)

click to enlarge for full results

The Forum Marketplace

I just wanted to take a quick moment to point out a big change in the guidelines for our trading area on the Forum.  We are now allowing members to trade away or sell old cards, games or miniatures in the forum Rogue Trader Marketplace.  Hopefully this will allow our customers the opportunity to get rid of old stuff that they no longer need, and help them towards the next new shiny game or miniature they’ve been eying!

Click here for the new marketplace guidelines.

Happy Trading!

Looking for Squires

We are looking for a pair of Squire Volunteers to help out during the holidays.  What does a Squire do?  Squires help out doing odd jobs at the store, including cleaning, helping with inventory, and working on store hobby-projects like terrain, painting demo-figures, managing the Magic binders etc.

Squires are not employees, but are volunteers that are rewarded with store credit.  Typically a squire helps out for three hours at a time.  Squires have control over when they’d like to come in, they just let us know which day(s) work for them!

If you’re interested in becoming a Squire let us know.  You can log on to the Forum and PM ‘The Black Knight’ , or talk to Jay at the shop.

Tournament Series Overall Standings

I have added a listing of the overall standings for our three current tournament series’ to the Events page. Now you can track the race to crown the yearly champions for our Warhammer (Revolution Series), Warhammer 40,000 (Aquila Series) and Warmachine/Hordes (Jack-Marshall Series) tournaments. Each tournament series includes the results from four individual tournaments. We take the players top three results and add them up to form their overall score. So when looking at the overall standings bear in mind the column to the right, telling you how many tournaments their score has been drawn from. Here are the standings for your convenience, you can always access them from the sidebar of the Events page as well:

  • Warhammer: Revolution Series
  • Warhammer 40k: Aquila Series
  • Warmachine/Hordes: Jack-Marshall Series
  • Good luck to all of those battling for supremacy in this years tournament series’!