Teaser for the Upcoming BKG Webvideos

Here is the very first web-video, fitting enough it is a teaser for future web-videos…so really we haven’t done any yet. But we will! Our videos can be viewed in our Resources Page, or on our new YouTube channel. We are hoping to make a wide variety of online videos to help out with every aspect of the hobby. I plan to especially focus on video demonstration-games (teaching beginners the basics about each game), hobby videos (painting lessons, terrain building etc.), game reviews and gaming tactics.

Free Wi-Fi for Customers

In order to accommodate the new Fantasy Flight Media Center we got we have installed Wi-Fi at Black Knight Games, and are opening it up for use by our customers.  So the next time you’re at BKG and are in need of a Wi-Fi connection ask the staff for the current password to gain access (we will be changing it regularly).

We hope that this addition will prove convenient for our customers!

Fantasy Flight Media Center

Black Knight Games is one of a select number of stores that has qualified to have a Fantasy Flight Media Center in our store.  What is the Fantasy Flight Media Center?  It is an interactive terminal/kiosk that customers can use to watch videos and tutorials about the many Fantasy Flight games that we sell in the store.  The Media Center is already installed at the shop, so the next time you are in feel free to play around with it.  You can select from a large number of different games using the touch-screen of the Media Center.  Fantasy Flight has really put some great production value into their videos, and the Media Center does a great job of showing them off.

So check it out next time you’re in!

Event: 40K Aquila Series 1: Astartes Results

Click for larger image

Well the first tournament in our Warhammer 40,000 Aquila Series is done, and the results are in.  Thanks for everyone for coming out and making the event a lot of fun!

Best Overall: Andrew Simms

Best General: Mark Hillman

Best Presentation: Alex Kirley

Best Sportsman: Craig Simms

These results will be combined with those of the next three Aquila Series tournaments to calculate our Aquila Series Champions!  Fear not if you were unable to attend this event (or did poorly in it) as we take your top three tournament results to figure out the overall winner, so if you come to the next three you still have a great chance at the crown!

Event: FNM Results

Thanks to everyone that attended tonight’s Magic: the Gathering Friday Night Magic event.  The event was a Booster Draft and we had eight players participate, here are the winners:

1st Place: Andrew Ruschpler

2nd Place: Aaron Stross

3rd Place: Stephen Tran

Congrats to the winners!  Our next FNM event is next week, Friday December 3rd, and it will be a ‘Standard’ format event.  For a full listing of events go to our events page.

Event: Mini Leagues (Warhammer)

***UPDATE: Due to popular demand Mini Leagues has changed the focus of their first major league from Warhammer to Warhammer 40,000.  Most of the details are the same, apart from the game system change.  Our events section has been updated to reflect this, and for more info check out the Mini Leagues website.***

Black Knight Games has partnered with a new organization called Mini Leagues.  Mini Leagues is running a huge inter-store league that will include stores all across Ontario.  The league will divide players into local divisions & conferences.  Most likely Black Knight Games will be it’s own division, and we will be in a conference with other near-by stores (looks like Mini Wargaming out of Welland, and Games Workshop out of Burlington (although this can all change based on the distribution of participants).  Participants will be scheduled to play one game a week, mostly against players in their own division, by also a couple against those from the other stores in the conference.  At the end of play a winner will be crowned from each division, and they will go on to the conference finals.  Winners of the conference finals will bash it out for the league championship.

There are prizes and giveaways at all levels of the event, but the ultimate prize is a $1000 shopping spree in your home-store!

So if regularly scheduled games of Warhammer, big prizes and the opportunity to represent Black Knight Games at the finals appeals to you sign up today!  As a side note any player representing BKG in the finals will be decked out with some BKG swag to really represent the store in style!

For all of the info check out all of the details at the minileagues website.  And of course you can see all of our upcoming events and tournaments on our events page.

BKG Lockers Now Available

Are you tired of hauling your Warhammer armies to and from the store every week?  Tired of having to cart around your Magic traders?  Well we have a new solution for you!  We have installed a bank of lockers at Black Knight Games which are now available to rent!  They can be booked on a monthly basis here’s how it works:

Locker rental fee is $10.00/month ($8.00 for Stronghold Members)

You can use any kind of lock that you like.

The lockers are large enough to hold quite a bit.  I have fit the large Warhammer carrying case in them, as well as the PACK 432 from Battlefoam and the regular size Army Transport case.  You can fit several of the white card boxes, or backpacks, or whatever.

We have 11 lockers available to use, although many have already been claimed.  If you book yours now you will pay for December, and get the remainder of November for free.  And as a special promotion to get the lockers filled up we will also be giving away your second month for FREE when you pay for your first!

We, of course, insist that people keep good care of their lockers and don’t leave perishable food in them, flammable or noxious items (Nurgle players I’m looking at you), no pets (squigs or otherwise), and don’t use them for anything shady either (if you have to ask if it’s shady…it is).  Should there be any concern about the contents of a locker, or if you are past your rental due date and haven’t renewed, we reserve the right to cut off your lock with bolt cutters if needed.

So book your locker now, and stake out your own personal space at BKG!

Demo Day Fun

A great thanks to all of the attendees and especially the volunteers that made today’s Demo Day 2010  event a lot of fun, and a great success!  For those of you unable to attend the event gave people the chance to try out a whole bunch of games like Warmachine, Kings of War, Wings of War, Uncharted Seas, Flames of War and many others.  Participants also were able to get one of our popular Demo Day Goodie Boxes, containing packs, minis, singles or coupons from over twenty different games totaling over $150 in value!

If anyone was unable to attend, but would like to get their hands on one of the Goodie Boxes we still have a few made up.  You can still claim one for $10 as long as supplies last.

See you in a year at Demo Day 2011!

What’s with the new site?

We’ve completely overhauled our website.  For more info on the new site click here!

Demo Day 2010

I know this isn’t very much notice, however this new site did just go live 30 minutes ago!  Tomorrow is one of our biggest events of the year, the Black Knight Games Demo Day!  Here are the details:

Entry Fee: $10.00

When: Saturday, November 20th, 12pm – 4pm

The Event: During Demo Day we will have stations set up all over the store with staff and volunteers ready to show you how to play all sorts of games.  You’ll get the opportunity to try out any of the games you’re interested in, and be able to ask questions of someone who knows what they’re talking about.  We will have over a dozen games being demonstrated, so there is sure to be one you’re interested in!

Goodie Box: As part of your entry fee you get the Demo Day Goodie Box, a great collection of goodies from all of the games we are demonstrating, as well as some that we aren’t.  There is over $135.00 in value in this box, and it alone is worth the price of admission!  The types of goodies include a Magic: the Gathering booster pack, one of the new Kings of War undead models, coupons to save you money on rulebooks etc.

The Discount: As a added bonus we will be giving all Demo Day attendees an additional 5% Discount on any of our featured games (this is on top of any discount you may have from being a Stronghold Member).

Hope to see you there!